Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Touch-Up Spray & 60sec Gel-Treatment


Today I’ll be reviewing a couple of products by Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume line. The Touch-Up Spray I’ve had for a good while now, but the Gel-Treatment is a pretty new purchase. I’ve never used that many volume enhancing products before because I always kind of thought they were just for people with very thin, limp hair. My hair is somewhere between normal and thick and its natural texture isn’t that coarse, but it just feels thick and kind of heavy. It’s colored, but in good condition. However, because my hair is quite heavy (even though it’s not long anymore), I could use a bit of a boost – especially around the roots. I’ve long made friends with various dry shampoos to get my hair to look nice on the 2nd (or sometimes even the 3rd) day, but I’ve never tried any other volume enhancing products, though I probably should have.

I bought the Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Touch-Up Spray after reading a few raving reviews on it and hearing that it just smells oh, so fresh. I’m quite picky when it comes to scents, especially on my hair where I can smell it all the time, so the promise of a simple, clean scent was what drew me to this product in the first place – despite it’s pretty intense price (around 18,50 € here in Finland = ouch).

The Gel-Treatment I bought because I was running out of a nice, moisturizing mask. Unfortunately, super moisturizing masks often suck all the volume out of my hair, leaving my hair pretty much laying flat on my head. With so much moisture, my hair doesn’t seem to know what to do with it, so it just lays flat and refuses to cooperate. I thought that a light weight gel treatment might be a good option to try out!

Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Touch-Up Spray (250 ml)

Product idea: Basically this product is Goldwell’s take on a dry shampoo. It’s meant to be used in between washes to refresh the hair, give it some volume along with a bit of shine. Shine being the keyword here. Most dry shampoos make your hair quite matte and a bit coarse as they suck out the grease. Since this one doesn’t mattify your hair, it, in my opinion, doesn’t really do much for actual grease removal.

Consistency: Light weight spray, much like hair spray, but non-sticky.

Scent: This here is what makes me love the product. The scent is so clean and so fresh – I absolutely love it. It may well be the best smelling salon haircare product I’ve ever smelled, it’s that good. I doubt that anyone could hate it. It’s a fairly strong, yet still pleasant scent that lasts a good while in the hair (you can pretty much smell it all day long when your hair moves).

What does it actually do: Well, it does freshen up your hair. It gives a moderate amount of volume in a reasonably thick and heavy hair like mine, but it is meant for fine to normal hair so I may not be in the target group. For someone with fine hair this might give quite a lot of volume. In my experience, it doesn’t really remove the greasy appearance from hair – like what I usually get on my bangs. It does make you feel nice and fresh regardless. I wouldn’t really advertize this as a dry shampoo, I’d advertize it as a hair refresher / (mild) volumizer.

Would I buy again: I’m conflicted because I love this product so much for the scent and the freshness – yet if I’m looking for a dry shampoo to actually remove greasiness from my hair, this isn’t it. The price is also steep for something you use quite a lot. I would love to use this on a daily basis, but yeah, not as a dry shampoo. I may well buy this again though… just because of the freshness!

Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume 60sec Gel-Treatment (200 ml)

Product idea: Volumizing, moisturizing and repairing 60 second mask for fine to normal hair.

Consistency: Gel-like, but not as gel-like as one might thing as it still looks like a slightly creamy mask with light turquoise in color. Jiggles a bit.

Scent: Fresh, somehow ocean-like, not overpowering. I quite like it. Refreshing.

What does it actually do: I was actually surprised to see this give my hair a bit more volume! I wasn’t honestly expecting to see a difference, but my hair was definitely looking better at the roots – and feeling really clean. I didn’t get that annoying flat head effect that I get with most masks. I would like to know how this works in really fine hair, but considering that this feels really light and kind of “wet”, I think it might go well with pretty fine hair. Hair does feel moisturized and cared for afterwards.

Would I buy again: I think I would. I got this from a sale for 5 euros, which was a total steal as I believe the normal price is somewhere around 15 euros for this. For a product I’d use maybe once a week and get maybe 2-3 months of uses out of, yes, I think I would buy this again, because it’s moisturizing enough, yet offering that volume I want. I would imagine this works even better with a volumizing shampoo.


I have read from a couple of sources that Goldwell would be cruelty-free, but I’ve also since then read its “mother company” Kao Germany wouldn’t be. I’m not sure what the case is on this at the moment. If someone knows, please let me know!


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