The Body Shop: Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 01

Last weekend my exclamations of joy could probably be heard throughout the shopping mall as I discovered a BB cream that is actually pale enough for my pasty white skin! Out of curiosity, I tried on the Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream at the Body Shop and, thanks to the giant skylights of the shopping mall, I was able to see the product in natural light as well. After finding a seemingly good match, I left the store practically skipping due to joy. The price wasn’t bad either – 13,90 € / 40 ml (in Finland).

As I was researching to find the product description in English, I noticed that this product is so new that it appears to not yet be launched in certain countries. For example, it’ll be sold in the UK starting tomorrow, May 21st. Three (3) shades will be available.

Product Description (according to The Body Shop):

Perfect your complexion and fight the look of blemishes with our Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream. This dual action cream gives you flawless coverage whilst tackling the appearance of blemishes. Formulated with purifying Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya.

  • Blemishes and imperfections are instantly covered
  • Lightweight formula gives shine-free complexion
  • 3 shades blend seamlessly into all skin tones for natural-looking coverage

Interestingly, this product description is different from the Finnish one (which I found to be quite accurate) in some ways – such as the Finnish description didn’t claim that the product could cover up much of anything – much less to offer you a flawless coverage, but more on that soon.

My review

Packaging: Typical to The Body Shop’s Tea Tree range. Green and simple. 40 ml should go a reasonably long way, since you don’t need all that much for one application (one layer).

Scent: Tea tree. If you don’t like the scent of tea tree, you won’t like this either. The scent does evaporate from your skin quite quickly though – or at least I can’t smell it for more than a few minutes.

Consistency: Semi-thick. Not too liquid-y, not too thick. A bit like Maybelline’s BB cream, I think. I would recommend working with this quite quickly as the product “sets” pretty fast. I use my fingers when I apply it.

Coverage: Very light, natural. Does not cover up blemishes or imperfections with one layer of application. It does reduce the red spots’ appearance a bit and it does even out the skin tone, but it’s by no means even close to a full coverage. It does give a nice, naturally matte finish though. I have tried to layer it up a bit on those areas of my face that have been a bit… spotty… as of late, but two layers still doesn’t really give much coverage.

Durability: I usually wear whatever makeup I wear on a normal day for about 12-15 hours and right now, it’s quite hot and humid outside. I would say this does a pretty good job at lasting, but it’s hard to tell when the coverage is so light. I haven’t noticed it oxidizing throughout the day, which is good. The matte effect lasts for perhaps 3 hours, but a bit of plotting fixes it for me. I do like to use a bit of powder on my nose though. Does seem to control shine somewhat, even in the long run.

Summary: I think this may well be the ideal BB cream for someone who has a (slightly) oily skin, but not much to actually cover up. Someone who likes a very natural look and a fresh feeling on their skin. This pale shade should work with most extremely fair people and it doesn’t seem to go too pink or too yellow. I’m pretty sure this will become a staple in my makeup bag, considering the price is quite affordable too. Once my skin gets to a better shape, I think this may well be all I need. However. This BB cream does nothave SPF, which I was really surprised about, since most BB creams do have it.


  • Very light and natural
  • Blends in easily and doesn’t look made-up
  • Proper light shade
  • Feels (and smells) fresh


  • Doesn’t offer more than a very light coverage
  • Tea tree scent may be off-putting to some
  • Does not have SPF

Are you looking forward to trying this one?



3 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 01

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  2. Hi I’m a Korean who loves cosmetics. While I was looking for a review of this tea tree BB, I found your blog.
    Thank you for such a detailed and helpful information! Since it is newly released, there is no review I can find in Koran pages.
    I’ll often come and visit!

    • I’m glad you found the review useful! :) I have very much liked the BB cream and I use it on most days as it’s quick and easy. It doesn’t offer much coverage though, which can be a downside to some.

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