(A small) Sunday shopping spree

It’s been a really nice weekend. The weather has been excellent and I feel relaxed, yet accomplished at the same time.

Yesterday, I just took it easy. I walked the dog in the morning before it got to be really hot (and the husband walked him in the afternoon, because he doesn’t mind the heat) and then I just pretty much chilled throughout the day. I was enjoying our balcony by reading outside as well as staring at the trees and the animals – and drinking hot chocolate. As if that wasn’t a treat enough, I also enjoyed a large scoop of delicious coconut-almond ice cream at the ice cream parlor that was recently established about 500m from our home – which probably means that I’m not losing any weight this summer… I also bought some more antihistamines to get me through until my prescription is renewed.

Today, we headed to a large shopping mall in a nearby town for a quick look at things. I had a list of what I needed and managed to systematically tick off each box – save for white sandals, because we simply ran out of time. We ate a good meal at Pancho Villa, which is a chain of Mexican-themed restaurants that have spawned over most of the country. They make a heavenly dip there and their prices aren’t too bad.

I bought a dry shampoo & a dry conditioner (?!) by Batiste, Goldwell Dualsenses 60 second volumizing gel mask, KICKS eyebrow jumbo pencil, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree BB-Cream (which is pale!!!), Chocolate lip butter (which they are discontinuing!!!) and this interesting Coconut Oil -based “hair shiner”. Can’t wait to try all of them out! Also, I bought super cute wooden earrings by Green Whale. The earrings are made in Finland!

My wonderful husband also bought me a few presents for no reason! I got some speakers for my computer, since I haven’t had any before and I’m always using a headset. He also got me a vegan cook book, because I’ve been talking about how I want to learn to cook vegetables and reduce my meat eating even more – very nice! Finally, he also got me a brand new thermos so that I have something a bit bigger to take my smoothies with me to work! It’s a lovely, metallic-shining, deep red thermos of 0,75L. A huge improvement over my little thermos mugs… I’ve been needing a new one ever since my old Starbucks thermos randomly began to leak a couple of weeks ago.

So, I’ve had a fun weekend, how about you?


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