What did you learn from you mother about makeup and skin care?

What did you learn from you mother about makeup and skin care? Or was there perhaps another person in your life that was a big influence on how you formed your own beauty routines? Did you perhaps come to learn about makeup and beauty all by yourself? I’m curious!

I often end up reading from magazines the beauty tips that celebrities and beauty pros share with “the common folk” and I often find that a lot of those tips are something they say they’ve got from their mothers or grandmothers. This made me think of what I may have learned from my mom, in terms of beauty.

My mom has always cared a great deal about appearances. Hers, and others’. I can’t recall her ever really going anywhere without doing her hair first – or disguising it under a hat if it’s just to take the dog out. She always puts on a bit of lipstick, mascara and blush, if nothing else – and for a woman who’s 71 years old, she could still easily pass for under 60 with that smooth skin of hers. She gets regular hair cuts and dyes her roots (she’s a natural blonde, though her hair has grown darker with age – yet showing no greys) at the salon. She’s always well dressed and I would have to say that one of the biggest disappointments she has had in the past years has been her foot surgeries, which forced her to give up high heels…

When my mom was younger, she used to model. She did quite a few runways as well as some ad-campaigns, such as one for checkbooks. Clearly, appearances contributed a great deal back then. My mother has always been quite slender, a classic hourglass shape, though not very tall. Blonde with easily tanning skin and green eyes she was quite a stunner.


There are a couple of really good and valuable tips I got from my mother in terms of beauty, when I was just a bit older than 10. I wasn’t even wearing makeup yet when she told me to remember to always take off my makeup before bed. She even said that skin would age 17 times quicker, if you skipped that step – but I’m pretty sure that was just for the dramatic impact. She wasn’t entirely making it up though. Skin cells renew themselves at night at quite a rapid rate and I’m pretty sure having a layer of gunk over that skin would do more harm than good, thus promoting aging skin. Another thing mom has always been telling me is to drink plenty of water and eat lots of vegetables. I haven’t always been very good at either, but I can appreciate the push. She has taught me a lot about vitamins and considers tea tree to be one of nature’s greatest gifts. She introduced me to calendula balm when I was little – something that seems to be becoming popular again now.

To be honest, I don’t have that much in common with my mother, but we both share a certain love for beautiful things that can’t be denied. I don’t share her determination to always having the perfect head of hair, but I do often feel a bit naked without lipstick on.

What beauty tips did you inherit from your mother?


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