Urtekram Hand Cream Review


I randomly selected the Urtekram unscented hand cream a little while ago when I visited one of my local supermarkets. I think I’ve already confessed my obsession with lip balms, but yes, I have one for hand creams as well. I get very dry hands very easily and as such, I couldn’t live without hand cream(s). I tend to have one on my desk at work, my desk at home, my night stand, my purse and so on and so forth. As it happens, that means I’m also always on the lookout for a good and nicely priced hand cream. I believe this was priced at 5,90 €, which, compared to the 10+ euro Mádara I recently bought, was a more reasonable price for a hand cream (though I do love the Mádara cream). Let’s look at the product a bit more closely though!

Urtekram is a Danish brand that offers a pretty large variety of products (and a few product lines) that are eco certified, organic, vegan and not tested on animals – much love! The products are very reasonably priced and in Finland, you can find many of them in your local super markets or even some smaller grocery stores.

Product description: “If you want silky-soft hands without a hint of perfume, you have found the perfect partner. Filled with nature’s own super caregivers such as shea butter, evening primrose, almond and jojoba oil, but we have said adios to any kind of scent.”

Packaging: I actually really like this packaging. Most of the Urtekram products I’ve seen have not appealed to me much in terms of package (like that lavendar shampoo & conditioner from a while back), but this package looks modern and it stood out from the masses of products quite well. I quite like the color combo: turquoise container with white text, black, yellow and silver accents. All of the essential information is there.

Scent: There isn’t one. I know, it’s an unscented product, but honestly, many unscented products have a scent that is trying very hard not to be a scent and then ending up smelling like old pay-doh… This is just pleasantly non-existing.

Texture: Quite light-weight, quick absorbing.

Overall: A very good, reasonably priced hand cream that I will definitely be repurchasing! In fact, I should probably buy a couple in advance… Though I have nothing against nicely scented hand creams, I really enjoy the fact that the scent (or non-scent) of this isn’t overpowering and that it won’t argue with any other scents I might be wearing. I can’t really think of anything negative to say about this. This hand cream has several organic ingredients, it has the Nordic Ecolabel, EcoCert, Leaping Bunny and Vegan labels and it’s well priced. What more can you ask for?


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