Adding some layers


It’s a bit quiet here (again) as my mom has been visiting us for a couple of days (and I’ve been working long days) and will be staying over Mother’s Day. I really do wish I had more time for my blog these days!

For some reason, my hair cutting needs always surface out of nowhere and over night. One day, your hair will just remain a tangled mess, regardless of what you do to it in the shower or after shower. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment for the place near our home within a day’s notice. I was kind of debating if I should cut my hair into a bob that is longer at the front than at the back – or should I just cut in some layers. I asked my hairdresser which she would recommend (or both) and she suggested just starting with layers for now and that’s what we did – and I love the end result! Though I’ve enjoyed the all-one-length long bob, it was at its best when it was straightened, otherwise it’d give me a bad case of the dreaded pyramid head. Now, my natural curl can hopefully push through nicely.

What do you think?


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