Peppersmith Chewing Gum

I just had to share this. My favorite chewing gum package ever, I think. The taste isn’t bad either!

Yesterday on my way back from a very unpleasant doctor’s appointment (he was beyond rude and unprofessional), I stopped at Ruohonjuuri (“Grassroots”) eco shop that I often visit when I go to the city. I was there to pick up some more coconut oil, but since I needed a little pick-me-up after that miserable appointment, I picked up a fresh white-green package of chewing gum that was on sale – though still priced at nearly 3 euros for the 10 pieces. I wouldn’t normally drop 3 euros on a simple, small package of chewing gum, but I thought the packaging was kind of cool and I wanted to see what natural gum would taste like, if there would be any difference to the usual stuff you pick up from any grocery store or gas station.

Well, I have to first talk about the packaging because, as mentioned, I think it’s my favorite ever. It’s certainly a very innovative and creative way to package gum – and entertaining. The package looks very simple and quite plain, but upon closer inspection, it reveals this little… booklet, if you will. A collection of small pieces of paper designated for the chewed up gums to be thrown away in – clever! That’s clever enough, but they also filled the “pages” with information on the gum in question as well as some other fun facts and tidbits, such as “Etiquette experts say that chewing gum in public is acceptable behaviour as long as it’s not done with too much gusto.” – haha.

The gum itself gives a really delicious mint taste, apparently thanks to the “fine English peppermint” grown by a farmer named Ian. I love mint, as everyone probably knows by now and I have to say that this is probably the best tasting gum I’ve ever tried. Unfortunately the flavor melts away quite quickly, which is sad because it’s just so delicious! The texture is a bit stronger and chewier than that of your average gum, causing your mouth to work harder at it. I don’t really mind that. I enjoy the burst of freshness these give, even if the taste doesn’t last forever – which is probably due to the very natural ingredients: xylitol (from Birch trees – Finnish invention!), natural chicle gum, calcium carbonate, black mitcham peppermint oil (from Hampshire, UK), gum arabic, vegetable glycerol, rapeseed lecithin and carnauba wax.

I had to go and look up the brand online and when I noticed that they had an online shop, I couldn’t resist… I put in a test order for 6 boxes of mints! I love mints and usually prefer them over gum because you don’t have to look around for something to dispose them into afterwards… We’ll see how long it takes for them to get to Finland and how tasty they may be!

Have you guys tried the Peppersmith chewing gum?


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