April Favorites Part 2 – The Greens


My green (or blue-green) favorites of April were…

The Body Shop Pore Minimizer which I love the scent of! I also enjoy the clean, smooth & matte feeling on my skin after using it. It does not replace a good primer when used with mineral makeup but it does a good job with liquid makeup. In general, I find that it smooths the skin nicely, makes the pores a hint less noticeable and provides a matte effect. Did I mention I love the scent of tea tree?

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant is essentially a deodorant stone, crystal deodorant / salt deodorant, whatever you wish to call it. It’s an unscented deodorant stick that you either wet before using or apply right after a shower, before drying off your armpits. Though I was loving my Mádara deodorant well enough, this one has taken the win during the past two weeks. I was having a real problem with irritated armpits – I couldn’t use a deodorant at all for a few days (ngh!). My mom gave me this a couple of weeks ago when I was visiting her and as soon as my armpits looked like they could handle deodorant, I started using this. Definitely a nice, simple and gentle deodorant that seems to work well for me. From what I’ve heard, these don’t work at all for some people, so you just have to try it out and see if it works for you – if you’re interested. Now, that said, this will not stop you from sweating, so if you sweat a lot or very easily, this might not be for you. However, I’ve sweated a little bit while using it (working out) and I did not notice any kind of a scent, so at least that part is in check! This deodorant is completely unscented – one less thing to irritate me. Also, this should last me the rest of the year, pretty much!

Naked Lips Peppermint Lip Balmcomes from my neighboring country, Sweden, and it’s full of all kinds of goodness – especially that wonderful, cooling peppermint smell, taste and feel. I love everything peppermint-y, so this is definitely the one lip balm I’m going to keep repurchasing endlessly. Though I have been enjoying my cherry Carmex, there’s no way I would put my fingers into a tub of lip balm in the middle of the day or while out on town etc. so this is a good lip balm to carry around since you can neatly use it whenever and where ever. The product is 99% organic and 100% of natural origin and of course, not tested on animals – whoo!

Mádara Gloss & Vibrancy Shampoo / Mádara Colour & Shine Conditioner have pleasantly surprised me! I was supposed to buy both products from the Colour & Shine range but accidentally picked up the wrong shampoo. No matter, it has been quite good regardless! An actual review is coming up on both however, so I don’t want to get too into these two just yet. However, a huge weight was lifted off of my heart when I found these and realized I could have great, shiny, good-smelling and well cared for hair with products that are both eco-friendly and animal friendly!


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