April Favorites Part 1 – The Pinks


I noticed that for some reason, this month, my favorite things were either pink (or maybe slightly peachy-pink) or some shade of green. First up, my pink favorites!

I have mentioned The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit -products before and currently I have the body mist, the body butter and the shower gel in my “collection” and I’m loving it! I love how fresh and clean the scent is – perfect for spring and summer. I love the fact that after taking a shower, the bathroom will smell heavenly of grapefruit for quite some time afterwards… I also find the scent of grapefruit to be a good stress relief as well so I tend to carry the body mist with me everywhere. A nice spritz every now and then keeps me going through the day!

One lipstick I found myself going for a lot in April was the MUA’s £ 1 Lipstick, shade 4. The color in the tube is what I could categorize as “Barbie Pink”, but on the lips, the pigmentation is quite mild and you need to layer it on a bit to get a shade that is even kind of close to the shade on the tube. I was actually originally really disappointed with this one, because of the pigmentation issues – since all the other MUA lipsticks I have pack a ton of pigment. However, I find this to be the most sheer and softest feeling of the lipsticks and I don’t mind having to apply a couple of layers. The soft pink shade it gives me goes well with everything – and it leaves behind a slight hint of a tint. Great choice for everyday.

Another really sheer thing is the Isadora Multivitamin Gloss in shade 07 Pomegranate. I’ve grown to quite like this lip gloss and I find myself reaching for it on most mornings lately. Another product that goes well with everything and offers just a nice hint of a subtle color while keeping the lips feeling well moisturized. It’s a hint sticky, but not annoyingly so. The scent is lovely and fruity too!

The Lumene CC Color Correcting Powder 6-in-1 has become a staple in my makeup bag – at least for the time being. It’s not a bad powder to use throughout the day or over makeup. Despite being for both light and medium skin tones, it does offer me a good match. Unfortunately the CC foundation is far too dark for me and remains unused in my makeup drawer…

I have honestly gone the month mostly without nail polish. The month was crazy busy and I admit to skipping a lot of beauty steps I would normally take, including applying nail polish. This Baehr nail polish shade however is the one that I picked up when I needed a bit of a mood boost and I also picked it up today – as you can see from my Instagram. This is a pure, beautiful hot pink shade that is really quite wearable. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have a name.

Last but not least I have to mention the kimono that you can see underneath all the products here. I’m so in love with that piece that it’s not even funny. I have to fight myself to not wear it every single day. Ah!


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