31 Day Blog Challenge – Days 26, 27 & 28

Day 26 – An old photo of me


Does not get much older than this. I’m 1 years old in the picture with my blonde hair tied up on a bow! This photo is included in this little “piece of art” my sister made for me for last Christmas including the dress I wore in the picture and the shoes! I can’t believe I was once so small.

Day 27 – My favorite recipe

To be honest, it’s been a while since I reaaally cooked (husband tends to do it these days) and I don’t generally follow any recipes! I like winging everything in life, including my cooking – hah! I would have to say that the best recipes are the simplest ones, so I would choose one of my favorite dishes – salmon & potatoes.

Go and buy a suitable amount of salmon medallions (one per eater), rinse them lightly at home and pat dry with some paper towel. Pour oil of your choice on a pan and throw the salmons on the pan. Sprinkle fine sea salt and dried dill on top of the fish and flip the fish over after the underside has got some color on it. Spice up the other side and cook for a while again. Make sure the salmon has a nice, slightly crispy outside – with soft, delicious inside. Serve with simple boiled potatoes (preferably boiled in water with fresh dill in it) and fish sauce which can be made with sour cream / crème fraîche or even unflavored yogurt. I like to use a sour cream sauce that I spice with some sea salt, black pepper, dried dill, garlic and mustard that my mom makes (has a great kick!). Super easy recipe and super yummy! Serve with salad!

Day 28 – What am I looking forward to?

Honestly, we’re living in exciting times right now. I’m really looking forward to hear if Mike got accepted to the school he applied for because it will determine a great deal of our future for the next few years to come. It’s kind of nerve wrecking to just wait, but thankfully the years have made us veeeery good at waiting! We really hope he triumphs!

In other news, we are sort of looking forward to settling down in a new apartment. Yep, you read that right. We haven’t even lived in this one for a full year and we were fully planning on living in this one as long as we live in our current city, BUT. We learned that there’s going to be a huge piping and electrical overhaul and repairing coming up in the building which will last the entire next year – rendering our apartment unlivable for an undefined amount of time. It would seem that we have to move. Again. This will be my 4th move in 4 years. I have a love-hate-relationship with moving. It’s exciting (though tedious) to look for a new place and plan, but the actual moving part is hell. Then again, it’s great to get a new place – granted that the dust has barely settled in our current one… Hrmph.


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