Busy businesswife

That’s what my husband calls me. “Businesswife”. Currently, he’s a stay-at-home husband, taking care of the apartment, cooking & cleaning and stuff, while I’m working my ass off full days. This has been the case for about 3 months now, ever since Mike’s temporary job ended (he worked as the substitute for someone on a rather long maternity leave). Anyway, now that I’m the only one with an actual income, I have to work quite a bit in order for us to get the bills paid and as such, I’m often quite exhausted once I make it home. On an average day I have somewhere between 4-6 hours to myself in a day, which somehow seems like a very short period of time. Sometimes, I admit, I feel quite drained and on those days, blogging is the last thing on my mind. I have wanted to keep posting on a daily basis and I’ve thought of making a few posts ready on weekends, but honestly, when the weekend comes… blogging is still not one of those things I dive for. I do enjoy blogging greatly, but sometimes it still feels kind of exhausting, because I do want to write something of interest, instead of just posting those Polyvore sets… which I have now done for a couple of days. Krhm.

Anyway, last weekend was an extended one because of Easter and Finland being a highly Christian country – offering (almost) everyone Friday and Monday off work. Though after spending the first 3 days of my holiday visiting my mom & driving around, I still couldn’t just sit down and relax on Monday, so I decided to clean our balcony and get it ready for the summer since the weather was so warm and nice. Well… when your tools are pretty much limited to a handheld brush and a bucket of water and you have some 8 months of crap to clean up… it was far from productive or successful. I got some help from my husband and we got the furniture washed as well as the walls & we brushed and rinsed the floor underneath the wooden boards, but there’s still much to do. We still need to clean the wooden floorboards and wash the window and door area, for one. I need to pick out some flowers for the balcony as well. And yes, I need to get rid of the old fan that spent its winter stored on the balcony (hah) and the laundry rack that’s busted.

This week so far has also been spent helping out my husband with his project for the Media & Arts School he’s applying for, so I’ve had even less time for my blog (and recreational activities) and it’s unlikely that I get to take much of a breather before weekend. So, bear with me!


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