Night time poetry – No Boundaries

Absence of sound surrounds me,
it wraps its silken blindfold over my eyes,
throwing me in the midst of existence
without illumination or illlustration.
Fantasies soon overcome me,
clogging my thoughts,
clouding the chambers of my mind,
slowing the flow of blood and consciousness.
Right now, I’m flying again,
spreading my arms as if they were wings,
aching to touch the sky and eventually…
Land on the moon.
I know no boundaries in this limitless form,
I’m free, unchained, unhindered.
The universe is my playground,
eternity my keeper of time.
Then, in the cool embrace of turquoise sea,
I fear no demise,
I see only colors everlasting,
I feel only comfort.
I’m alone, yet I feel no longing,
no loneliness, only simple salvation.
I was alone when I entered,
alone I shall leave.


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