31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 24

My favorite childhood book

viisipientahevostaThis is such a tough one because I loved to read as a child! I was also read to a lot, before I could read myself (and after). Mom had signed up for some kind of a children’s book club when I was little and I must’ve had hundreds of small story books through that. One book really stands out though, out of that collection. It was called Viisi Pientä Hevosta (Five Small Horses) and it was a story of the lives of five little horses who started their adventure in this world together, ended up all going to their separate ways and then being reunited again beyond the rainbow bridge on the eternally green fields of poetry. As I child I thought it was a beautiful story of my favorite animals, with gorgeous illustration but somehow it was also quite sad and I couldn’t pin point as to why. Now, that I could and ended up reading the last poem over again, I admit, I cried. This blog here features some beautiful pictures from the book (which is in Finnish).

Other than that, I loved reading about facts. One of my favorite books explained the birth of the Universe, illustrated all of the planets, told me about how stars are born and then went down to Earth to see how the tectonic plates move, how oceans flow and so on. Light reading for a 6-8-year-old, right? I also treasured my book that went through all of the world’s horse breeds (I believe it had like 300?) as well as the evolution of horse and horse’s many purposes. I still remember that book vividly. I have a mild photographic memory, so I tend to remember images and texts associated with them really well for many many years. I also always remember everything I’ve heard really well.


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