Isadora Wake Up make-up & Isadora Multi Vitamin Gloss Review


On Saturday I went and purchased the foundation I’ve got my eye on for quite some time already – the Isadora Wake Up make-up foundation in 00 Fair. The foundation looked like it could potentially be a good match, at least it blended out reasonably well when I swatched it both on my wrist and on my decollete at the store.

Packaging: The foundation’s bottle is quite simple and stylish, frosted glass with simple black text and cap. The pump is convinient and the amount distributed seems about right for an entire face. Bottle is reasonably sized (30ml) and I suspect it’ll last quite a while.

Scent: Nothing to write home about. It’s not bad, but it’s not wonderful either. I’m quite indifferent about it honestly. Doesn’t seem overpowering though, nor does it linger upon your skin for long.

Texture: Liquid, not extremely thick, but dries up quite quickly when it comes to contact with skin. I would suggest applying quite swiftly! Recommended to shake before use too.

Coverage: Light to medium, I would say. You will need another product to cover up any red spots, but other than that, this seems to offer a pretty good coverage and it does even out the skintone somewhat. (My skin is still acting up a bit, so at least the foundation has to work for its keep.) Leaves the skin mostly matte when used over The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimizer – but no actual primer. With powder added on top, does stay reasonable matte for perhaps 3 hours when used on a combination skin (forehead and nose especially getting oily quickly).

Shade: Quite a nice, neutral pale hue, not very yellow – not very pink. Would suit most fair-skinned ladies, I think. For me, I could still use it to be a dash lighter, but it’s still quite wearable.

Overall verdict: Not a bad foundation by any means. A bit pricey, I think, for a drugstore brand, being just above 20 euros at my local store, but I would expect this to last quite a while. A good, pale shade, hard to find in most brands, I would say this is the palest I’ve found from a drugstore brand (and believe me, I’ve tried several). I like the packaging and the pump, I find the coverage to be to my liking, because I hate very heavy bases. Seems to last well throughout the day, doesn’t seem to oxidize. The SPF 20 is also quite appealing. I would probably repurchase this for a good, quick makeup base for everyday use.

Below, on the left picture I’m wearing the foundation with my new Isadora Multi Vitamin Gloss in 07 Pomegranate. On the picture to the right I’m wearing the same gloss but with a very lived in layer of Lily Lolo’s mineral foundation on my face. I don’t know if you can tell, but even after a whole day of wearing the Lily Lolo, it’s still a hint paler than the Isadora.

Isadora Multi Vitamin Gloss caught my eye on Saturday as well, though I don’t normally go for lip glosses – especially the ones you have to apply with a sponge-y kind of applicator. They tend to be far too sticky and unrealistically shiny to my liking, but for some reason, this particular gloss really drew me in. Swatching it on my hand made me go “ooh” as the color looked so juicy and fresh.

Packaging: Very simple, sleek package, clear and uncluttered. You can clearly see the color of the gloss.

Scent: I thought it was a bit like water melon (which I hate as a scent), but husband said it smelled like pomegranates, so I’m guessing he must have been closer to correct, because I didn’t find the smell to be repulsive. Hah. In all seriousness, the scent is quite mild and pleasant.

Texture: Well, it is a bit sticky. It is a gloss after all. It will make your hair attach itself to it (along with any other hairs you might encounter), but it’s not too bad once on. It doesn’t give you the feeling of your lips sticking together. It’s glossy and reasonably thick.

Coverage: Very light, which, in a way, is kind of unfortunate. I do have very pigmented lips naturally, so I probably get more out of this than most people, but yes, this gloss is very sheer. I kind of wish it packed more of that lovely, delicious pink shade into it, but it doesn’t. It’s a very good everyday kind of a gloss though, goes with everything.

Shade: As mentioned, delicious pink. However, very sheer, so it’s more of just a slight natural flush when worn.

Overall verdict: For those who love glosses, this would probably be a very good option for everyday wear. There were three other shades present at my local store, one very pale nude-ish hue, a really pretty coral and then one, kind of a strange, almost brick-red hue which seemed to lack the tiny glittery bits the others seem to have in the packaging. This does last on the lips remarkably well for a gloss though, which is very nice. If you don’t eat or drink, I’d say you will end up with at least some gloss on your lips for about 4-5 hours, which I find pretty remarkable. The gloss does seem to survive at least through a cup of tea and some crackers as well, so it’s pretty good stuff! I would recommend this gloss, especially because it does seem to keep the lips nicely moisturized as well. Something my lips are currently really craving for!

Most countries can find Isadora from, for example.


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