31 Day Blog Challenge – Days 22 & 23

Day 22 – The best thing to happen this year

I’m assuming that this means the best thing so far. It hasn’t been a very spectacular year, but it has gone well enough so far. I’d probably say the best thing has been getting a raise, which was desperately needed since my husband’s temporary work contract came to an end (he was filling in for someone on a maternity leave). The year is still young however, I hope for many good things – there’s certainly room for some!

Day 23 – My dream job

I’m not sure I have a very specific, particular dream job. I’ve just always wanted a job where I have some creative freedom, at least at times. I have many dream jobs. I wouldn’t mind doing some form of writing for a living. Blogging or writing for a magazine. There has also been a time when I dreamt of becoming a photographer. I love creative and free-flowing things and honestly, sometimes it’s hard to spend a day staring at excel sheets. Thankfully, my current job does allow a good deal of independent thinking and also some creative freedom at times.

One dream of mine has also been to work in a horse-related job. I could see myself working with the horses themselves more easily than with people, so it’s very unlikely I would be a riding instructor or trainer. I don’t mind a physical job, such as cleaning the stables or grooming the horses, it’s good excersize and very satisfying as you can instantly see the results of your work.


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