Mádara vs. Lavera – deodorants

Mádara & Lavera deodorants

Before really even starting my quest for finding more eco-friendly and animal-friendly cosmetics for my daily needs, I thought to myself that deodorants might well turn out to be the biggest challenge. I had read about the dangers of aluminum*** (potentially causing breast cancer) which is so frequently present in deodorants that are also anti-perspirant that I was really hoping I could find an effective deodorant  which not only would not contain aluminum, but also would tick all the boxes in my new, saintly criteria.

I started with Lavera because it was easily available at the supermarket and for some reason the price was quite low compared to what I’ve seen it go for in most places. It seems that the average price for the Lavera deodorant is around 12 euros. I think I paid about 6 euros for mine. I didn’t even sniff it at the store as I was in a hurry and quickly just visiting on my lunch break. It was enough that it said it was designed for sensitive skin and it contained things like organic calendula and organic aloe vera, both of which are very soothing incredients.

At a quick glance, the packages tell me this much:

Lavera Roll-on Deodorant comes in a 50 ml package and it is, as the name suggests, a roll-on deodorant. The product is completely vegan and markets itself as having a mild and skin-friendly formulation that is idea for very sensitive skin. Lavera offers moisturizing and nourishment as well as 24 hours of protection against body odor. Alcohol free, completely natural, contains no aluminum salts or phthalates (whatever those are!).

Mádara Herbal Deodorant also comes in a 50 ml package and it too is a roll-on deodorant, granted that the ball is much largen than on the Lavera one and of course the container itself is shaped differently to accomodate this. Mádara claims to have a quick-drying formula and it promises all day protection. Soothing deodorant, with Northern Sage and natural minerals promises to reduce odors as well as provide freshness throughout the day. Absorbs quickly and leaves no stains.

Lavera Roll-On Deodorant

My thoughts on Lavera:

Packaging is fresh-looking, fits with the rest of the Lavera range which also has this sort of a white/turquoise theme with the brand’s name in silvery font. There is quite a bit of info on the front of the package, but it’s not really overwhelming. The incredients are clearly listed on the backside as well as a few lines about the product itself.

Scent is almost medicinal, at a quick sniff. It’s quite strong and somehow reminds me of products that have liquorice in it. Definitely quite a shocker after using many many years of barely-there water-like deodorant scents! You can tell that the product is of natural origin. The scent, to me, isn’t downright bad, it’s just not to my liking.

Texture is quite thick and creamy. The liquid is cream-colored as it comes out and it should be spread quite thinly to avoid “creamy armpits”. I had to shake the bottle a bit and turn it facing down a couple of times before I was able to really get the product to come out.

How did it work? Honestly, in terms of deodorizing, it worked well enough. It didn’t absorb all that quickly, but I didn’t catch any sweat-like wiffs throughout the day, so it was doing its job. Unfortunately, the very strong initial scent of the product bothered me somewhat and I didn’t enjoy it lingering about for some time. I also made the mistake of doing what I usually do and applying my deodorant after a shower – where I had shaved my armpits… Ow. Ow ow ow ow OW. Yeah. It burns.

Summary would have to be that it works well as a deodorant, but I don’t think it’s suitable for sensitive skin. I like the fact that the product is vegan-friendly, that’s definitely a selling point. It is very unlikely however that I will even end up using up this product, much less repurchasing – that burning sensation just really ruined it for me.

Mádara Herbal Deodorant

My thoughts on Mádara:

Packaging goes well with the rest of Mádara’s green and white line – it looks timeless and simple. I like that there is no unnecessary chitter chatter on the package, just the essentials. The incredients have been listed on the bottom of the deodorant on a sticker, which I don’t mind. The EcoCert-label is well visible.

Scent of the product is overall quite herbal, but not overwhelming – definitely not bad at all. To put it simply, the smell of this deodorant somehow reminds me of the summers spent at our summer cabin when I was younger. I can’t really tell what incredients make the scent happen, but the overall scent feels natural and pleasant. Most of the incredients seem to be organic and the scents that seem to contribute to the final product are those of rose, Irish moss, calendula, chamomile, salvia and peppermint. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Texture of Mádara is very light and liquid-y. The product appears colorless coming out. It feels refreshing when you put it on.

How did it work? I would say Mádara Herbal Deodorant dries reasonably fast. I haven’t walked around feeling like I have wet armpits for half an hour, for instance. I feel I can get dressed quickly. The scent is mild going on and practically vanishes throughout the day – but the deodorant holds through normal activities and a bit of excersize as well (strenght training & dog walking). I probably would not offer my armpits for anyone to take a sniff after the day though. I also applied this deodorant after shaving my armpits in the shower and I didn’t experience a burning sensation – yay! Armpits feel quite dry throughout the day.

Summary would have to note that this particular deodorant has also been selected as the deodorant of the year by a Finnish women’s magazine Gloria and in general many people seem to be praising this deodorant, categorizing it as the best natural deodorant on the market. I personally really like this deo and I would repurchase – though I’m a bit puzzled because the ingredients list of this does contain potassium alum***, which is partly aluminum and meant to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin. So, I did some googling and this is what I found out about potassium alum: “Potassium alum (and other alums) is a natural mineral salt made up of molecules that are too large to be absorbed by your skin. They form a protective layer on your skin that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. While this is a better alternative, it is not completely aluminum-free.” (http://debralynndadd.com/q-a/is-potassium-alum-aluminum-free)

Mádara & Lavera deodorants

Mádara vs. Lavera?

I’d have to pronounce Mádara as the winner of this duo, even if Mádara isn’t completely aluminum free, at least the particles should be so large that they won’t get absorbed. Mádara Herbal Deodorant is just more pleasant all around – the scent, the feel and the fact that it seems less irritating to me.

Have you tried either of these two or is your favorite deodorant a natural one by another brand?


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