31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 21

My 10 favorite foods

This is actually really hard! I can’t place foods in a certain order and I’m not sure if these should be actual dishes or just food items… Perhaps I’ll use both!

  • Pizza (I’m being honest here.)
  • Fresh (homemade) bread. (come on over, carbs!)
  • Blueberries (Fresh!)
  • Smoothies (especially mango-banana-pineapple-coconut)
  • Grilled salmon & boiled potatoes with some dill (somehow summery & delicious)
  • Waffles (well come on now.)
  • Orange chicken with rice (my dad made really great chicken in orange sauce with porridg-y rice…)
  • Feta salad (feta cheese, greens of choice, cucumber, red peppers, avocado, cherry tomatoes & a garlic or vinegar dressing – yum!)
  • Breakfast (can I just say breakfast?) Okay fine, my dream breakfast: Earl Grey tea, croissants, plenty of fruits to choose from & a cup of natural yogurt… perhaps scrambled eggs.
  • Chocolate (yep.)

Here’s what I use for my favorite homemade pizza base:

1,5 dl of warm water
2 ts of dry yeast
4 dl of wheat flour (give or take some to achieve desired consistency)
a pinch of salt
2-3 tbs of olive oil (or other such oil)

Mix the yeast into the warm water and then add the rest of the incredients. Mix well and throw it on the table top for some rolling pin action. After the desired thickness has been achieved, top the base with your favorite toppings and shove it into 225 degrees (celcius) for about 15 minutes. Deeeelicious! (ps. This recipe makes approximately 1 large pizza – ideal for sharing!)


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