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Ever since I started to blog on WordPress about a month ago (whoo, a month!), I’ve been able to kind of keep an eye on all kinds of fascinating bits of information. Before, when I blogged on Blogger platform (and exclusively in Finnish) I kept eying on the stats now and then but the numbers always seemed a bit off, because I kept seeing like 2000 views a month, yet there were months when there were for example no comments made at all – and my last blog only had a handful of readers anyway. Now that I’ve moved on to WordPress I’ve learned something very interesting about my rather international audiences.

Obviously, I have this English based blog, which is more of a beauty/cosmetics kind of a blog than anything else. I really enjoy reviewing products and writing about them (something I would definitely do if I had the pleasure of not having to buy everything myself!), but I also enjoy just simply sharing beauty-related things with people. Sometimes, I think about writing more about my life in general, but… not to sound too sad… my life isn’t all that interesting at the moment. I wake up, I go to work, I come home, walk my dog, have dinner and then I spend my evening blogging, watching Star Trek, playing computer games… Yeah, I’m a nerd. I do other stuff too, but those are kind of the daily routines, if you will. Anyway, this English blog, during it’s first month of existing has completely surpassed all of my expectations. I was so hoping that I could get a handful of people interested in what I have to offer and perhaps I would even get a comment now and then. I was not expecting to get new followers every single day. I was not expecting to get 45 followers in WordPress alone in about a month’s time! I also have perhaps 15 (?) via Bloglovin’, who I don’t believe are WP followers. Most of these followers are other beauty (and/or fashion) bloggers – which really warms my heart!


Interestingly, I’ve received only 281 views for Jennificient, yet there has been a good deal of comments made by other bloggers and generally there have been quite a lot of likes on my posts. In general, the community or whatever you want to call it, feels active – which is why the stats on my Finnish blog are completely mind-boggling compared to my English blog. You see, my Finnish blog has received a staggering 1329 views in the same amount of time, approximately one month. Heck, one day, I received 155 views in a day. Yet… I can pretty much count to comments with the fingers on one hand and there are pretty much no likes. I literally seem to have one or two active readers – especially since I have only a couple of followers on WordPress. On Bloglovin’, however, my Finnish blog has slightly more readers, possibly because most people seem to just follow me and not an individual blog of mine.

So. Apparently my English-speaking readers are fewer in numbers, but far more social and active than my Finnish-speaking readers. The Finns seem to be exactly the way online as they are offline. Quietly watching you from afar, making their mental notes, perhaps chuckling to themselves or discussing the post by themselves, but not communicating with me. Finns are lurkers, it seems. I’m very glad my English blog has acquired viewers from so many different countries. In such a short time, I’ve also managed to get a bit of a glimpse into many fascinating lives in countries all over the world, via these bloggers. I do check out all blogs of the people who have liked my posts, commented on them or have begun to follow me. I follow many back – though as it is, I struggle a bit to find the time to always read through everyone’s every post!

It’s interesting to see how different Finns apparently are from the rest of the world. Interestingly, my English blog has mostly been viewed from USA (perhaps due to me writing 99% in American-style English or because of my spouse?), but second most views come from Finland. I do hope that this damned thing isn’t counting my own views. That would be silly. Third most views come from the UK, but then… Fourth place is held by Saudi-Arabia. Wut? That is both insanely cool and insanely strange. After Saudi-Arabia comes Viet Nam and Philippines on the shared 5th spot. Very interesting. I have a very exotic audience in general it seems – from a Finnish point of view.

I admit, on some days, it feels a bit like a chore to be doing 2 blogs, especially because I often blog about the same things (like reviews) into both blogs. I wouldn’t really want to give up either though! I did debate it with myself (and somewhat with my husband) before beginning all this. I wasn’t sure it would be intelligent to try to do 2 blogs while working a full-time (and often overtime) job. Sometimes, I just have to skip a day. Or two. Sometimes, I have a life that doesn’t involve me sitting in front of a computer!

I would just like to really thank everyone who has been checking out this blog of mine and who have liked my posts or even commented on them. It’s always really good to get some kind of feedback! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Bilingual Blogging

  1. I can really relate to your post ! I have multiple french blogs on various topics (from cooking to DIY to my job as a make-up artist), and have just started this one in english. It’s interesting that each nationality behaves differently. Ho, and I’m a nerd too ;)

    • Nerds unite! \o/ Thanks for dropping by, I’m going to check out your English blog as my French skills are limited to “le chat sur la table avec le libre” :D

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