Mádara Protecting Hand Cream review

I don’t know if there are many people in the world who use more hand cream than I do. Because, especially during winter, I practically swim in it. In my search for animal friendly, eco friendly and organic cosmetics, I’m constantly looking to find products that fit those terms, yet are wonderful enough to replace whatever I have previously used by the more readily available (but perhaps less friendly) brands.

When I’m looking for a hand cream, I’m looking for something that will absorb quickly. That’s my number one priority actually, even more important than the level of moisturizing it may provide. There’s nothing worse than feeling all sticky – except perhaps when you spread that stickiness to everything around you. I’ve had plenty and I mean plenty of hand creams throughout the years and also quite a few that just didn’t absorb. Not quickly, not ever. Needless to say, those never got used… Anyway, onwards to the review!

Mádara Protecting Hand Cream

Mádara Protecting Hand Cream does the following, according to the tube itself:

“Ultra-rich velvety cream with Northern Plum and Linden Flowers nurtures, hydrates and softens dry hands and brittle nails. Creates a protective barrier, helping to lock moisture in. Absorbs quickly leaving hands silky soft.”

I would have to say a few words about the 75 ml tube itself, before getting into the contents. I quite like the tube. It follows the neat and tidy green-white color scheme the brand uses on all of its products (a combo that I particularly like) and it manages to look sleek and timeless in all of its simplicity. I would categorize most organic / natural / eco-friendly / eco-certified etc products into 3 categories based on their packaging. Category 1 would be the packages that look like a group of elementary school kids (or sometimes even art school kids) went nuts on it – and then someone possibly added a mix of all the possible logos, labels and certifications on top of it all, causing the product to look like a mess of colors, prints, patterns and pictures. It takes a moment to even realize what the product is, because it’s hard to find the name of it from all the other clutter. Category 2 would be the packages that are made to look as eco-friendly and simplified as possible. These are the packages made of a single glass jar (that can even be refilled) which has a piece of thick paper or thin cardboard or something wrapped around it and the writing on it looks as if it were done by hand. It may also be a label that looks like it was written with chalk. There might be some brown string attached. Earthy goodness. Hugging the trees. You know. Category 3 would then be the packages that you couldn’t really distinguish as any different from your “normal” cosmetics brands packaging. These packages could belong to any company and they look timeless, sleek, simplified and clean. Category 3 is definitely where Mádara is located, based on the packaging.

Mádara Protecting Hand Cream

The product within this sleek, simplified tube is actually pretty much what you would hope for it to be, based on the description on the tube. What really attracted me to this particular lotion was the promise of it providing help for my nails, which have now, for the first time ever, shown signs of being dry and brittle (nooo!). When you squeeze the tube, the white, non-runny lotion comes out with a little effort. The scent is oddly close to the scent of Burt’s Bees Almond Milk Hand Cream (which I’ve used ages ago, but that stuff really did not absorb (so I used it at night with cotton gloves). When you spread the cream onto your hands however, you being to smell the scent of those plums that were mentioned in the product description. It’s a very true scent, you can tell it’s not artificially produced. So, if you hate the smell of plums, this is probably not the product for you. I don’t find the smell unpleasant, though it’s not my favorite in the world either.

The hand cream does seem to absorb pretty quickly (not instantly, but quickly), leaving the hands with a subtle sheen and leaving them absolutely silky soft. A slightly creamy (not really sticky) feeling remains for a while, perhaps 5-10 minutes, just enough to stop you from grabbing any fragile objects for a moment. I also wouldn’t shake hands immediately after lotioning… I’d still say it absorbs quickly enough for me to use the product at work throughout the day.

Hands continue to feel quite soft, even after your next wash, so you don’t necessarily have to keep reapplying a whole lot. A reasonably small amount goes a long way as well, so I think I will get a decent amount of use out of this 75 ml tube!

To sum it up: The hand cream does what it promises to do, at least in terms of your skin. I can’t really tell about the nails, because I have been wearing nail polish during this testing period of approximately a week. The scent is very organic, but not unpleasant, it’s also quite mild – you can only smell if if you put your nose right to your hand. This cream absorbs reasonably quickly, but leaves the hands feeling pleasantly soft and moisturized for a long while.

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone who doesn’t need their hand cream to smell like vanilla/roses/chocolate and what have you. If you appreciate an eco-certified hand cream that will certainly do its job, this may well be for you. Also, if you don’t mind the steep price, which is around 10 euros seemingly in most of the Europe, including the brand’s own, Latvian website. Considering that the tube is of a decent size, I personally think I would repurchase.


4 thoughts on “Mádara Protecting Hand Cream review

  1. Tykkäsin tästä ihan hirveästi- mutta sitten hävitin tämän. Mulla ei ole MITÄÄN käsitystä siitä mihin olen tämän aarteen pistänyt! Tämän tuoksu oli kieltämättä vähän erikoinen, muttei missään nimessä paha.

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