31 Day Blog Challenge – Days 17 & 18

My most proud moment

I was trying to think back to a single most proud moment, but I couldn’t really isolate one. Honestly, I can’t really say I’ve had many prideful moments as in Finland, it greatly goes against the cultural and social norm to take pride in something that you have accomplished. To my American husband, this seems crazy, but here, if you are openly proud of something that you are or have done, you are instantly viewed as arrogant, selfish and/or showing off.

I have been proud of myself…

  • For never being drunk & never doing any kind of drugs.
  • When I’ve managed to be proud of someone else for their good fortune or accomplishments (another thing Finns struggle with).
  • For being an easy child and an easy teenager.
  • When I graduated from high school.
  • When I got my driver’s license (at the age of 18 here in Finland).
  • When I got accepted into college.
  • Every time I’ve done well in a test or an exam (especially considering I never really studied for anything).
  • When I’ve done well in a riding competition – though I’ve never won anything.
  • When I’ve succeeded at something that is important to me and that I had worked hard on.
  • When I stuck through the years of extremely long-distance relationship without going completely bonkers.
  • For growing up.
  • For turning out to be a pretty decent human being. (Not perfect, but who is?)
  • For never being overly emotional and managing to reason/logic myself through most scenarios.
  • Every time I’ve kept a cool head in a stressful situation (such as when my dad suffered some kind of a brain stroke and I was the only one from my family to be able to handle the situation at the time due to being the only one in town).
  • Pushing through the hardships in my life, even when the going has been grim.
  • For learning to play musical instruments (I played the piano and the flute for several years, but I also manage to play several other instruments).
  • For being bi-lingual. (Finnish/English)
Ruta (or Taru, "story", as we call her), one of my all time favorite horses.

Ruta (or Taru, “story”, as we call her), one of my all time favorite horses.

The meaning of my blog’s name: Jennificient

Well, my name is Jenni, so there’s part of the name. The “ficient” -part comes from efficient, which I think I am with most of the things I take on. I also enjoy efficiency in life in general and I can’t stand inefficiency, when it would be so easy to just do better. I sound like a horrible person…


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