MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette Review

MUA Pretty Edgy palette

MUA Pretty Edgy palette

I just realized I have never reviewed my absolute favorite eyeshadow palette! After the rather depressing review on the MUA’s matte palette (Ever After), I thought I’d say something about my beloved MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy palette.

Here’s what MUA has to say about it:

“Make a statement with the MUA “Pretty Edgy” eye palette. Encased in a cool gold studded clutch, this palette features a mixture of pretty pink neutrals with dark sultry tones in velvet matte and shimmery textures.”

And here’s what I think:

I have to first up say I wasn’t sure if I’d like the packaging, especially after reading a few comments from bloggers and vloggers saying the studs on the package make it quite difficult to store it. My husband laughed at the packaging and thought it was ridiculous. I secretly thought it was kind of cool. I simply store it on top of my eyeshadow palettes pile, so the studs don’t give me any grief.

I’m not sure however about the name “Pretty Edgy”. The colors are such beautiful neutral, wearable shades that I don’t honestly find the palette to be that edgy. I would’ve gone with something like “Leather and Lace” – but that might have been a bit on the kinky side… eh…

Okay, I admit, I swatched these in a really stupid and illogical way that seemed perfectly logical to me at the time. First swatch (the lighter shades) are the 5 shades on the left and the second swatch is the 5 shades on the right. So, in the first sample there are three shimmers: Antique (white), Bow (light peachy-brown), Toile (very light mauve) and two mattes: Sinful (creamy pink-brown), Gothic (classic dark brown). In the second sample there are three shimmers: Ruffle (stone-grey), Flounce (warm brown), Lace (red-brown) and two mattes: Wrath (cool brown-mauve), Envy (pure black). As you can see, there’s a great deal of pigment to this palette! I made the swatches on bare skin, no primer and I just used my finger. Both pictures are taken in the cool, late afternoon light.

My favorite shade is definitely Bow, which is very wearable and I often throw it on alone when I’m in a hurry in the morning. Surprisingly, I also love Sinful and Wrath of the mattes, especially worn together. You can get a very sophisticated look out of those. The mattes also work well as a base for the shimmers.

These last on my lids without primer for approximately 6 hours without creasing, on an average day. The creasing is quite slight though and the color still remains on the lids as well.

The price of this palette is £ 8 on the MUA online store, which makes it one of their most expensive palettes. Considering how good this palette is in terms of quality and that you get such large eyeshadow pans, I’d say this is well worth the money – and more! Even though the foam applicator is completely useless, this palette is definitely my go-to-palette and the only one I need with me if I go anywhere. Definitely suitable for most occasions from day to night!


2 thoughts on “MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette Review

  1. Kylläpä tämä vaikuttaa lupaavalta! En ole kokeillut MUA:lta mitään, mutta monesti on pitänyt. Ehkä saan kevään aikana tehtyä vielä tilauksen siihen suuntaan!

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