MUA Ever After Matte Palette Review

I’ve now had my MUA Makeup Academy Ever After matte eyeshadow palette for a while so I thought I’d review it for those interested in it. This was my first ever completely matte eyeshadow palette so I was a bit uncertain as to what to expect. I was hoping to find a palette for everyday looks most of all and I also hoped the palette to be of the same kind of highly pigmented quality as the rest of MUA palettes that I have tried.

This is what MUA has to say about this palette:

“A ‘timeless’ palette featuring ten gorgeous MATTE neutral shades designed to create endless looks for every occasion. The warm and cool tones of each velvety shade can be worn alone or blended together for cashmere –soft finish”

The reviews on the palette at the MUA’s online store are excellent, but the reviews I had googled up after I had already made my order were less than stellar. Many complained about the palette’s lack of pigment and chalkiness as well as the fact that the first four colors on the top row appear practically identical.

Here’s what I thought:

My first impression was that the palette looked very pretty. I was also a bit concerned about the upper row’s color selection since I’m very fair and I was certain that none of those shades would show up on my skin. Well, I was right. They don’t. Unfortunate. The pigmentation on these doesn’t seem to be that strong either, which may be largely as to why I can’t really see the shades on my skin. Below, you can see the swatches of the bottom row’s colors that (for the most part) you can see on my skin.

Excuse my dry hands.

So, basically, out of a palette of 10 shades, four are worth while. I’ve been pretty disappointed with this palette, considering I’ve loved all my other MUA palettes soooo much! I just have very little use for this palette, so I rarely reach for it. Thankfully, the palette didn’t cost me a fortune, but still, for the same price, I could’ve picked up another palette with more pigment – granted that this is the only completely matte MUA palette.

I don’t find the colors to be all that chalky, but you do need to put a lot on to get the proper amount of color to appear on your lids. Using these with a primer doesn’t unfortunately seem to help any. It’s nice though that they gave the shades names. Only a couple of MUA’s palettes have colors with names on them. It’s much easier to speak of the colors and refer to them by name than by “the fourth one from left on the top row”. Jeesh.

Have you tried the MUA’s matte palette and did you like it? Do you use mattes a lot and what kind of looks do you use them for?


3 thoughts on “MUA Ever After Matte Palette Review

  1. What a shame. The colors look really lovely in the pan! I just bought Sleek’s Ultra Matte v2 in Darks and it’s my first all matte palette. :) Would have wanted the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral but it’s only sold at Target. T__T

    • Yeah, the palette looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? If the first 4 shades packed more pigment, they could work. Right now, I’m just feeling pretty blaah about the whole thing! :<

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