31 Day Blog Challenge – Days 14 and 15

So, I haven’t been very good with this blog challenge thing as of late. I’ve been extremely busy at work this week, after being ill on Monday and having a very fast-paced weekend! I apologize for the slow going, I simply don’t have enough hours in my days at the moment!

Day 14 – If I won the lottery…

Apparently this week’s win is the biggest in our history – 13 100 000 euros. It’s a lot of money. What would I do with it? Well, that’s easy, really. I would pay off all of my debts (study loan, car loan etc) and payments. After that, I’d pay off my mom’s and my sisters’ debts as well. I would actually save most of the money for the future so that we could buy a lovely home when the time comes and that I could buy a horse, like I’ve always dreamed of. If my husband wanted, we’d buy him a car of his own, I’m happy with my Defiant (Volvo) and wouldn’t change him, even for the 13 million. I’d get him some new tires though! I would donate some of the money to a few Finnish organizations I know to do much good for domesticated animals. I would also try to find a way to donate to further developing testing methods that don’t involve animal testing. I would try to find a way to also donate to helping the elderly and their well-being as they seem very neglected in this country these days, which is a shame. I would also finally head over for a honeymoon with my husband. Probably just an extended weekend somewhere nice where we could do a lot of exploring and learning.

Day 15 – The timeline of my day

My average weekday, such as today went about as follows:

6:30 – My Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 wakes me up and I head over to the bathroom to slowly wake up and do my morning routines.


7:00 – I work on waking up my husband who insists on waking up “for me”, yet always has endless difficulties in actually getting up. I apply some makeup, fuss with my hair and cuss as I poke my sleepy eyeballs with my mascara wand… Husband makes me a smoothie which I most often take to work with me.

7:30 – Frantically trying to decide what to wear. It’s always nearly impossible and I run around the house half naked until the moment I run out of the door wearing whatever happened to look okay. I might also be eating some breakfast, though most days, I take a smoothie with me to work and drink it there.

8:05 – Running a bit late, but my work schedule is quite flexible, so it’s not really a big deal. Car’s windows were frozen (yep!) and I had to scrape them. I got my new jacket a hint dirty in the process.

8:20 – Arrive at work and dive onto the day’s duties. Saving my smoothie for later today.

11:00 – Lunch break arrives. I often go to the cafeteria next door to eat an affordable, home-cooked kind of meal. Today it was delicious salmon soup and a dessert of rhubarb, strawberry and oatmeal with a blob of vanilla creme…

15:00 – I finally get around to drinking my smoothie.


16:00 – Most of my co-workers have headed home by now, but I still have a lot to do (and I work longer hours than them by default) so I push on until 5 pm (17:00). I’m hungry!

17:00 – I wrap it up and head home – though I have to stop by at the grocery store first.

17:45 – Finally at home. I give the grocery bags to my husband and head out with the poodle for his afternoon walk.


18:15 – I get back from walking the dog (just a quick one) and I head over to the shower, which I’ve been looking forward to all day. I most often shower in the early evening, because my hair takes forever to dry (still moist now and it’s 22:25) and I don’t like dryers much either. I test yet another new eco-shampoo & conditioner.

18:30 – I sit down for something to eat. This time it’s a pizza (!) that my husband made (as in put in the oven) while I was showering. It’s good. I browse some blogs while eating.

19:00 – I settle down on the couch to watch a couple of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with my husband, fully aware of the fact that I probably should be doing something more productive, like writing those blog posts I’ve been putting off for a few days now…

21:00 – I finally start working on my blogs… and getting distracted by all the shiny things in the process.

23:00 – My bedtime goal. Usually, I manage to turn off my light at midnight, which doesn’t leave me with enough sleep… Ideally, I’d go to bed at 22:00 (10 pm), because I really love sleep and I need tons of it!

And now… I need to think about that bucket list... that was the challenge of today, but well, I’m nodding off as I’m writing this, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one!


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