31 Day Blog Challenge – Days 26, 27 & 28

Day 26 – An old photo of me


Does not get much older than this. I’m 1 years old in the picture with my blonde hair tied up on a bow! This photo is included in this little “piece of art” my sister made for me for last Christmas including the dress I wore in the picture and the shoes! I can’t believe I was once so small.

Day 27 – My favorite recipe

To be honest, it’s been a while since I reaaally cooked (husband tends to do it these days) and I don’t generally follow any recipes! I like winging everything in life, including my cooking – hah! I would have to say that the best recipes are the simplest ones, so I would choose one of my favorite dishes – salmon & potatoes.

Go and buy a suitable amount of salmon medallions (one per eater), rinse them lightly at home and pat dry with some paper towel. Pour oil of your choice on a pan and throw the salmons on the pan. Sprinkle fine sea salt and dried dill on top of the fish and flip the fish over after the underside has got some color on it. Spice up the other side and cook for a while again. Make sure the salmon has a nice, slightly crispy outside – with soft, delicious inside. Serve with simple boiled potatoes (preferably boiled in water with fresh dill in it) and fish sauce which can be made with sour cream / crème fraîche or even unflavored yogurt. I like to use a sour cream sauce that I spice with some sea salt, black pepper, dried dill, garlic and mustard that my mom makes (has a great kick!). Super easy recipe and super yummy! Serve with salad!

Day 28 – What am I looking forward to?

Honestly, we’re living in exciting times right now. I’m really looking forward to hear if Mike got accepted to the school he applied for because it will determine a great deal of our future for the next few years to come. It’s kind of nerve wrecking to just wait, but thankfully the years have made us veeeery good at waiting! We really hope he triumphs!

In other news, we are sort of looking forward to settling down in a new apartment. Yep, you read that right. We haven’t even lived in this one for a full year and we were fully planning on living in this one as long as we live in our current city, BUT. We learned that there’s going to be a huge piping and electrical overhaul and repairing coming up in the building which will last the entire next year – rendering our apartment unlivable for an undefined amount of time. It would seem that we have to move. Again. This will be my 4th move in 4 years. I have a love-hate-relationship with moving. It’s exciting (though tedious) to look for a new place and plan, but the actual moving part is hell. Then again, it’s great to get a new place – granted that the dust has barely settled in our current one… Hrmph.


(the long forgotten) 31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 25

To celebrate the actual 25th day of the month, here’s the 31 Day Blog Challenge’s day 25:

My 5 Favorite Blogs

As of late, I haven’t had much of a chance to follow blogs – especially English blogs – and it’s difficult to select just five from the vast amount that I browse through (mainly weekends), but here are the five that I immediately though of as awesome.

Essie Button
Because I think that if we met in real life, we could become great friends (despite our age difference). I especially enjoy Essie’s videos, because they capture her fun personality really well. I also like the fact that it’s not just exclusively a beauty blog!

Kendi Everyday
I go to this blog mostly for eyecandy – not that I’m oogling at the author (though she’s very pretty) (I’m digging a hole), but because I love the outfits I see on the blog. I love that she uses colors and prints too, not just all black or neutrals.

For Vanity’s Sake
I adore the beautiful and stylish pictures as well as the beautiful author (seriously, who looks that good?) and again, I’m drawn to the colors and freshness of this blog.

Powder & Puff
A lovely blog mostly about beauty, but also with a good dose of life and DYI along – all with a sweet, personal touch from Anne.

Flux and Flow
This blog is quite different from the others on my list because the author of the blog is a young woman who has been through a hell of a lot and still manages to keep positive, be enlightening and seriously give perspective to the rest of us. She’s an absolutely amazing person and the blog is definitely worth following!


And above is my treasures of the day – fresh (Spanish) strawberries and some bananas! Yum! Also, my lunch… buttermilk, wheat bread with some cheese & strawberries… How has your day been?

Busy businesswife

That’s what my husband calls me. “Businesswife”. Currently, he’s a stay-at-home husband, taking care of the apartment, cooking & cleaning and stuff, while I’m working my ass off full days. This has been the case for about 3 months now, ever since Mike’s temporary job ended (he worked as the substitute for someone on a rather long maternity leave). Anyway, now that I’m the only one with an actual income, I have to work quite a bit in order for us to get the bills paid and as such, I’m often quite exhausted once I make it home. On an average day I have somewhere between 4-6 hours to myself in a day, which somehow seems like a very short period of time. Sometimes, I admit, I feel quite drained and on those days, blogging is the last thing on my mind. I have wanted to keep posting on a daily basis and I’ve thought of making a few posts ready on weekends, but honestly, when the weekend comes… blogging is still not one of those things I dive for. I do enjoy blogging greatly, but sometimes it still feels kind of exhausting, because I do want to write something of interest, instead of just posting those Polyvore sets… which I have now done for a couple of days. Krhm.

Anyway, last weekend was an extended one because of Easter and Finland being a highly Christian country – offering (almost) everyone Friday and Monday off work. Though after spending the first 3 days of my holiday visiting my mom & driving around, I still couldn’t just sit down and relax on Monday, so I decided to clean our balcony and get it ready for the summer since the weather was so warm and nice. Well… when your tools are pretty much limited to a handheld brush and a bucket of water and you have some 8 months of crap to clean up… it was far from productive or successful. I got some help from my husband and we got the furniture washed as well as the walls & we brushed and rinsed the floor underneath the wooden boards, but there’s still much to do. We still need to clean the wooden floorboards and wash the window and door area, for one. I need to pick out some flowers for the balcony as well. And yes, I need to get rid of the old fan that spent its winter stored on the balcony (hah) and the laundry rack that’s busted.

This week so far has also been spent helping out my husband with his project for the Media & Arts School he’s applying for, so I’ve had even less time for my blog (and recreational activities) and it’s unlikely that I get to take much of a breather before weekend. So, bear with me!

SIM Argan Care Healing Smoothie & SIM Argan Care Moisture Shot review


I received samples of SIM Argan Care Healing Smoothie & SIM Argan Care Moisture Shot hair products with my last LivBox earlier this month. LivBox, as you may know from my previous posts, is a monthly cosmetics & beauty box delivered to your home/workplace and it contains both normal sized products and samples. Since I have had the chance to try these two, I thought I would review them a bit. They seem to be available online for UK at I Love Hair & Beauty, at least.

SIM Argan Care Healing Smoothie sells for a whopping 36 euros (300ml) here in Finland, so it’s not a product I would normally easily pick out for my hair. The SIM Argan Care Healing Smoothie functions as a hair mask, to be used after shampooing. The product contains argan oil and is marketed as having reconstructive qualities, balancing the moisture balance in dry, damaged hair. The product claims to boost hair renewal rate and make the hair softer and easier to comb.

I love hair masks. There’s nothing as amazing as that silky soft, luxurious feeling you get after using an excellent hair mask. I usually treat myself to one on a weekly basis – or at least before any important event. I was super excited to try this product as hair masks are one thing I could even see myself dropping 36 euros for – if it’s good.

Sadly, this one was a big disappointment. I have naturally slightly wavy hair which is in good condition, but really needs moisture in order to not become a poofy, frizzy mess. After having heard so many good things about argan oil, I figured this mask would be absolutely heavenly, but honestly, I’m surprised by how poorly it worked. I have been using a really inexpensive L’Oreal hair mask (for which I am in the process of finding a replacement) and that L’Oreal hair mask beats this baby 6-0.

The scent is pleasant enough, the texture is equal to average conditioner, but the results are… not much to write home about. As I usually do before using a hair mask, I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo first to get all the styling products and other residues off of my hair – then, I use a hair mask, which has now an even better surface to cling to. I was having real trouble running my fingers through my hair after using the SIM Argan Care Healing Smoothie after my clarifying shampoo. My hair didn’t feel particularly awful, but it was far from that luxurious, silky feeling I’m used to. Odd.

As a conclusion, for the price of 36 euros… definitely would not purchase for myself nor would I want to recommend this to anyone – except maybe to those with very soft, weak hair.

SIM Argan Care Moisture Shot on the other hand is a hydrating styling cream, which promises to deeply moisturize the hair, rebuild the hair fibre and to remove frizziness and electricity from the hair. Little is said to go a long way.

The scent is pleasant again, the texture is semi-thick and creamy, but once again, I feel pretty indifferent after using the product. I normally use BC Miracle Oil which leaves my hair very soft and smooth, even if I just let it air dry and don’t even comb through it. This seemed to just kind of vanish into my hair. I wouldn’t really market this as a styling cream either, because it doesn’t really do much in terms of styling… at least not in my hair. Another disappointment then!

The price for this one is an impressive 24 euros (250ml) here in Finland, which I would say is quite a bit for a styling product – especially when it doesn’t really do much for you.

Out of this duo, the styling cream is definitely more worth your while, but I’d say neither is really worth your money.

Has anyone else tried these?


Easter in Ostrobothnia

Our final day in Ostrobothnia has arrived, we’ll be driving back home today in the afternoon. We’ve spent the past couple of days just resting, relaxing, eating and, to some degree, walking around. We did nothing on Friday after arriving, but packed quite a bit of programme into yesterday. We went to the city to meet up with a highschool friend of mine I hadn’t seen (other than on Facebook) for about 3 years and we had a lot of catching up to do. I bought us smoothies and we sat around talking for an hour before taking a quick trip to The Body Shop. I bought a couple of things I’ve been wanting for a while; the Pink Grapefruit shower gel & body butter. Yum!

Walking the dog

After that we went to take the pooch for a lovely walk through the park bordered by a little creek and returned to mom’s for a delicious dinner of salmon and potatoes. I couldn’t bring myself to eat dessert, but mom made herelf and Mike (my husband) a delicious banana split!

Banana split

In the evening we headed out again, this time to take a candle to my dad’s grave, or to be exact, the Urn Grove, where his nameplate sits with the others. It’s quite a lovely spot during summer, but right now the nearby pond looked quite swampy. After the visit to the grove, we drove to see the local Easter tradition: Bonfire to ward off evil spirits. It was believed that on Easter Saturday, when Jesus was dead and God’s protection over Earth was at its weakest, witches and evil spirits would have an easy time to strike. As such, a symbolic witch was often burned at the bonfire… We got to the fire when it wasn’t much more than a little pile of  ashes, but still managed to get a couple of pictures and a video of the event (on Instagram).

Afterwards we ate some delicious waffles and headed to sauna, which felt particularly nice after not being in one for about a year! Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night,  except for a brief while of intense nausea which kept me up for perhaps half an hour. Hrmph. Today, we’ll be heading home and tomorrow is still a holiday for me so I’m looking forward to just relaxing.

I hope you all have had a great weekend so far!