March Favorites


My March favorites list features almost exclusively new favorites, save for an old BC hair oil that I’ve used for about two years (this is my 2nd bottle). Anyway, here are a few favorites of mine which I’ve already gotten to know well enough to consider them favorites!

MUA 2013 Blusher in Cupcake – This is my go-to blush on days when I’m not sure which blush to choose or I’m in a rush and have to choose quickly. Cupcake is a very easy shade, goes with everything! While it’s not the most flashy of colors, it gives that nice soft warmth that I desperately need on my face. It’s categorized as a soft peach shade by MUA, though I’d say it goes more towards pink/brown, but hey, what do I know?

MUA Pretty Edgy Eyeshadow Palette – I’m pretty sure everyone guessed this would be on my list! What’s not to love? This is by far my most loved eyeshadow palette of the moment and I find it perfect for all of my favorite looks since I like to keep it on the more natural side. The colors have good staying power, the pigmentation is nice (save for maybe the palest hue) and I’m even using the matte shades! Whoo!

Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Peek-a-Boo – I thought long and hard about adding this one to the list. When I received it, I had not read the company’s animal testing policies We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.(as in they sell to China) and I fell in love with the product. Now, I’m torn because I love the natural look this gives me, but I can’t help but to think of the company’s questionable values. I’m hunting for a replacement for this lipstick, though I also don’t want to waste anything so I’m still trying to use up the products I currently have here that I have spent my hard earned money on while being clueless. In any case, the Clinique Color Surge Butter Shine Lipstick feels good on the lips and gives a very natural color and shine to the lips, which I love. I think I’m going to turn to NYX for a replacement for this!

Lumene Beauty Base Mattifying and Retexturizing Primer – A fairly new friend, but I’m quite liking this one. I debated a while between this primer and IsaDora’s one and went with this due to this one being half the price. I also felt that the texture of this would give more of a matte look than the IsaDora one. This is a good, basic primer, nothing spectacular, but seems to be working alright underneath my mineral makeup base. I may well try the IsaDora one next, since I’ve read many good reviews on it.

MUA F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush – I find the MUA brushes to be a great value for money (£ 3). This particular one I really love for applying my blush! It’s so soft, yet it helps me apply my blush evenly and easily – and doesn’t suck all the color within itself!

IsaDora All Day Long Lash Mascara – This is my current go-to mascara on days when I want my lashes to have a bit more oomph. This still provides me with the look I love, natural, separated and dark, but when comparing to my other current favorite mascara, the H&M Full Lashes Mascara, this one gives a more significant look. The best way to get rid of this mascara is to simply take a shower and then wipe off whatever may have remained with a cotton pad dipped into micellar water or such. This does come off pretty easily, but not with eye makeup remover – just water!

Baehr nail polish – This mint green shade was my favorite of the month, being so refreshing and candy-like that it kept putting me into a great mood every time I just looked at it. It lasted a week on my nails – which was a miracle on its own.

BonaCure Miracle Oil Finishing Treatment – I’ve used this hair oil on my hair for at least two years now and this is my 2nd bottle. It’s the only hair styling product I need, if you can even count this as a styling product. I apply it after I’ve allowed my hair to dry a while inside an old t-shirt. Then, I brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer and either blow dry or just let my hair air dry. This tones down my hair so that it won’t get poofy or frizzy and it leaves the hair silky smooth and shiny. I’ve tried to go without it, but the results are too scary…

Dermo Pro Vitamin C Serum – One of those random finds from McCosmetic. I picked this up without much expectations for the 5 euro outlet price and eagerly tried it the first night. I’ve been hooked ever since. I did use my coconut oil on a few nights, but sadly, when left on the skin, it does break me out. This serum however, doesn’t. Instead, I wake up with smooth, moisturized and rather even-looking skin. Wonderful!

And last but not least, the absolute WINNERS of this month:


Cuccio Naturalé Vanilla Bean & Sugar Scrub + Body Butter – These smell heavenly and my skin has never been softer. I’m hooked, addicted and in love and I want more! Absolute winners of this month – and cruelty free!


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