Saturday shopping spree

I’ve had a fantastic Saturday today – despite the fact that I had to get my butt out of bed a lot earlier than I normally would, but it has been worth it. I started my morning by going for a pedicure at a nearby salon, which unfortunately is closing its doors for good within the next week. It makes me very sad, because the owner of the place is a fantastic and fun person and we get along great – plus she does a great pedicure! Looking at the bright side though, I got a ton of products very cheaply from their clearance, such as those wonderful Baehr nail polishes that give a lot of color and last a long time!

In the picture on the top you can see all the colors. The clear blueish one is a cuticle oil that I got for 50 cents, so a bargain! The dark nail polish I also got for 50 cents, the others were… I think 2 euros a piece? Lost count at some point. I selected a really bright, vibrant pink one and then three very neutral colors, off-white, nude and brown. That dark one is an interesting one, it looks gunmetal at a quick glance, but it has a green tint to it. Very cool for winter, I think.

In addition to nail polishes, I also got 2 Cuccio Naturalé body butters for my mother to surprise her with and a black tangle teezer for my husband so that he’d stop stealing mine. I also got a freebie nail file (I have so many now!) and a freebie foot file as well + some hand cream samples and… glittery hair pins! Awesome. I also bought a couple of those good face sponges I love AND a bracelet from the partner of the salon, Siriuskoru. It was a mere five euros, but too beautiful for me to resist, especially because it’s neutral enough to go with everything, despite being super sparkly.


After the pedicure I headed home where my husband was making pancakes! What a lovely surprise, especially since I didn’t manage to get up early enough to have a proper breakfast (not that pancakes are all that proper, but still…). After pancakes and some digesting we headed out to the city to check out a few stores. I drooled over a neat black shopper-style purse, but decided not to get it after all. I did however find myself a really cool summery t-shirt, which I really like – and it’s not blue, purple, white or black like most of my things. Instead it’s… GREEN!


Somehow very summery to me. I also picked up a very light weight black blazer that will easily go with pretty much everything I own, both for casual wear and party wear. I also found a lovely jacket, which would be perfect for what I’m looking for right now, but they didn’t have my size so I’m going to another one of the same brand’s stores tomorrow to try on the bigger size – it has my name on it. Literally.


I don’t know if you guys have heard of the Invisibobble yet, but I only just heard about it recently. At first, I thought it was really stupid and pointless, mostly bringing me back to the 90’s and old telephones, but then I watched a video in which those little things were used for ponytails and buns and all kinds of cool hair contraptions and decided that I need to get some. So I did. I got dark brown ones and white ones as they didn’t have the clear ones I was after. The dark brown matches my hair really well and is pretty unnoticeable, even on just a simple ponytail. They do seem to give a really good grip on the ponytail too and it’s not pulling as hard. We might be onto something here!

One of the places I was looking forward the most was Ruohonjuuri, the eco-friendly store I’ve mentioned a few times, I think. I picked up a few things from there too, including 2 shampoo samples and a conditioner sample.

I love everything that smells (or tastes) like peppermint so when I sniffed this Naked Lips peppermint lip balm, I knew it’d have to come home with me. So it did. I also love cleansing wipes, even though I never feel that they’re absolutely capable of removing my makeup, I like to keep them around “in case of an emergency” anyway. I’m curious to see how these ones by Sante perform. I also picked up a lavender shampoo and conditioner by Urtekram, just because I love the smell of lavender! I don’t have very high hopes in terms of their performance, since they are meant for “all hair types”, but I’m hoping that they’ll work as lovely as they smell!

Now, I’m going to go take a shower and then I’m most definitely lifting up my very tired legs!


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