31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12

What’s inside my fridge

I admit, we haven’t done much shopping this week with us only sitting down for a couple of meals together and both of us trying to cut down on the amount of food we’ve been eating (we’re on sort of a health kick at the moment). I actually haven’t really looked around the contents of the fridge for some time, but here it is:

Husband has done most of the shopping & cooking this week. We seem to be well stocked on mayo! Mike (the husband) has been making tuna salads – American style. We also seem to have an ample supply of eggs and some lean ground beef, probably for pasta. We very rarely eat red meat and when we do, it’s in the form of ground beef – either as cheeseburgers or in pasta. We also have some milk and orange juice which are pretty much exclusively for the smoothies we make every morning. We also always have yogurts, natural for me and banana for Mike. We don’t seem to really have vegetables at the moment (krhm), but we do have a TON of oranges and apples, it seems. Perhaps I should get on that?


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