31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11

15 of my favorite things

(in no particular order)

  1. Animals of all fuzzy kinds & holding/petting them (especially horses & dogs)
  2. Woolen socks (chunky, super warm ones)
  3. Tea (black or green preferred, white is also good)
  4. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  5. Iced chai lattes with whipped cream
  6. Freshly baked bread
  7. Fresh, crisp and clean sheets
  8. Napping in the sunshine (inside or outside, but if outside, then underneath some shade)
  9. The sound of rain on a felt roof (our old summer house)
  10. Entering warm, horse-scented stables in the winter (and having the horses greet you)
  11. Galloping down a dirt road / path in the middle of a forest / among fields
  12. Finding a super comfortable pair of shoes
  13. Watching the stars on the night sky in the middle of the winter (preferably while laying in the snow)
  14. Fresh cut flowers
  15. Driving around in a car either alone or with good company

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