H&M Full Lashes Mascara Review

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a proper camera, I just had to get this off my chest so I used my phone. H&M Full Lashes Mascara. What. The. Sh*t. Seriously. I wasn’t exactly expecting much of anything from this cheap little thing as a mascara costing less than 6 euros is practically a mythological being in this country where even your most affordable drugstore brand mascaras are at least double that. I’m willing to admit that the quality of H&M makeup has improved beyond belief over the course of the past 10 (or so) years. I have previously tried like H&M eyeshadow, lipstick and nail polish from ages ago, but I wasn’t exactly sold on any of those. They lacked pigment for one. The mini lipsticks I ordered recently were already a pleasant surprise and a sign of good things to come, but I wasn’t expecting to find a decent mascara for this kind of a price. To my understanding, H&M makeup products are cruelty free. The company also doesn’t use fur and all of their leather is, according to them by-product of meat industry – I tend to avoid all leather in general though, regardless of its origin.

Anyway, this mascara. Let me tell you about it. I don’t know if you girls have tried this, but nobody has ever raved about it, to my knowledge. I’ve always been a fan of mascaras that give me a natural look. I want my lashes to look good, get a good amount of separation and I want them to look believable. I hate giant spidery eyelashes and most “mega volume” mascaras that just clump everything together. Now, you’re probably starting to see why I’d love this mascara so much. It gives me exactly what I want. In the pictures, I’m wearing 1 coat of this mascara and no eyeliner what so ever. I’d say my eyelashes are of average lenght naturally, quite dark and have an average thickness. My lashes have much lighter tips though than the roots, which is why I like to use mascara to bring out the lenght and emphasize them just a bit. I also hate to have to apply more than one coat and as such, I never do it. One coat of this mascara gives me just enough of emphasis for my lashes. It looks natural and the lashes have a pretty good deal of separation (they do look far better yet in real life). This mascara leaves my lashes far softer feeling than the IsaDora one I recently bought (and am loving), which I also like. Not that I touch my lashes a lot throughout the day, but I have high hopes that this won’t shed color all over the place, due to the texture.

I generally prefer a completely straight brush when it comes to my mascaras, but this one still has a small enough of a brush to be usable and easy to operate. When you have a shaped wand and you’re right handed, how do you apply the mascara to the left eye? I mean, I can’t get any use out of the shape of the wand if I apply it with my right hand… Hrmm. I’m doing it wrong. Anyway, I like the brush of this mascara a lot, it’s small enough and easy to use and doesn’t make a mess or produce any clumps. Brilliant! Might want to make sure though that you don’t get a ton of product on the tip of the wand as it’s thinner and might make a mess.

Have you tried any H&M mascaras?

PS. MUA Blusher shade Lolly is doubling as an eyeshadow today! AND my new primer is working on those pores!

PPS. 31 Day Blog Challenge Day 10 – What’s my best physical feature – After much thought, I’d say my eyes, though it’s a shame I have to always hide them behind my eyeglasses!


4 thoughts on “H&M Full Lashes Mascara Review

  1. I love when I find something ridiculously cheap that works so well. It’s totally unexpected. The H&M mascara looks good on you, it gives you full lashes in a natural-looking way. :)

    • Yeah, so, for once, a mascara that does what its name suggests! :) I’m also happy with this find! It even washes off well – yet stays put all day long. Very happy :]

    • Somehow I had completely missed out on this comment! The mascara isn’t waterproof, but I have worn it through about 9+ hours of work day before – though it has sometimes been looking a bit smudgy after about the first 6 hours, which is a shame. For the price though, I find it to be a decent one :)

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