31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 9

What are my worst habits

  • I’m sometimes overly lazy and inactive. I tend to not realize it at the time, but I am.
  • Sometimes I make everyday misfortunes way more dramatic than they should be, when looking from the perspective of a sane person.
  • If I get a zit, I totally pop it. Sorry. I do. I realize what the consequences are.
  • Sometimes I leave my stuff laying around and claim I was in a hurry. I could’ve probably made the time.
  • I buy new products often well before I’ve ran out of the previous one. Such as moisturizers. Eventually I end up with like 3-4 half-used ones…
  • I’m completely able to justify any new makeup purchase to myself and those interested, even though I simultaneously realize I have a “crapton” of makeup anyway.
  • I admit, I’m always speeding juuuust a little. (In my defense, so is everyone else?)
  • I have dry cuticles and often, without realizing (or sometimes even after I realize), I pick on them and tend to make it worse.

Now I feel ashamed.



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