31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8

What’s in my bag

My bag of the day is my bright yellow H&M bag. It’s not very large, but it’s usually enough for lugging around my everyday items as it actually holds a lot more than its size would indicate. I believe this bag is two years old now, originally bought from H&M for… I think around 20 euros? Not bad. Faux leather, of course. Inside there is one zipper pocket and 2 small compartments for the phone etc. The clasp you see is the only thing holding it shut so while wearing it, it’s a good idea not to flip the thing around…

My yellow H&M bag


At any given time, I have a habit of lugging my entire life with me, which is why small purses are my enemy. Ever since… well, pretty much elementary school, I was always the girl to go to when you needed anything throughout your day. I’d have a hairbrush/comb, gum, lip balm, hand lotion, tissues, hairties, you name it. I guess I like to be prepared. These days, I still tend to carry hairties, hairpins, a comb or brush, hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip balm, tissues, gum, a mini hairspray bottle (though I rarely even use hair spray, today it’s with me because my hair is on a bun and I want to be ready to fix it if I need to), my sunglasses, my makeup bag, a mini note book & pen, wallet and phone.

I’ve had my current wallet for a few months. I originally bought it so that I could fit my phone inside my wallet, but the damn thing doesn’t fit all my millions of cards IF my phone is in it, which is why I recently bought a little case for my phone (it’s new, which is the only reason why it’s still while). My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve had it for a bit less than a year now and I’ve been more than happy with it. The camera on it is one of its most important feautures to me, because I need to be able to snap pictures on the go. In most situations, the 13 mpx camera is quite sufficient! I also love that it’s so multi-purpose. It’s quite large, but at the same time, that’s what makes it possible to watch videos on it etc as well. Before I bought my phone, I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which sadly mostly functions as my alarm clock these days, because I never get around to carrying it with me.

Right now, I’m also carrying my sunglasses with me as it’s been quite sunny lately (finally!) and I have quite the sensitive eyes. I got my first ever prescription sunglasses (I used to have eyeglasses that had transition lenses) last summer and they’ve been really amazing. Even though, I have to swap between sunnies and my eyeglasses, it’s still better than the transition lenses which took forever to transition from dark to clear after a year or two of use.

My hairspray is a small, handbag friendly size and it’s by IdHAIR. I have no idea as to what the price of it is and I generally don’t have much knowledge on it as I just got it from one of the LivBoxes many months ago. It’s not amazing, if you ask me, seems to wear out quickly on its own, but it works in a pinch. The scent isn’t bad though, which is important to me. I mostly use unscented hairsprays normally. Today, I did fix my bun with an unscented spray at home, but I can’t recall the brand even. It is a giant GIANT bottle that I got from my mom ages ago. My hand sanitizer is The Body Shop’s mango hand sanitizer. The best smelling hand sanitizer in the world. Too bad The Body Shop is owned by L’Oréal… I haven’t yet quite decided on how I feel about that.

My mini notebook is super cute and handy for when I need to say… quickly draft up a shopping list. It’s adorably yummy-looking too! A pen is just handy to have. Gum is something I like carrying with me, though I also often carry some kind of breathmints. Jenkki (Yankee) is a Finnish brand and the eucamenthol flavor is very tasty and delightful, however, as with all gums sold in this country, the flavor really doesn’t last very long. Boo!

For some reason, I have 2 hand creams on me right now. I’m not sure yet about my future with Nivea, because I’ve always loved it, but I think they sell in China nowadays (which means questionable testing)… Favora I got from my pharmacy for free when I bought a face wash from the range.

The contents of my makeup bag today

The contents of my makeup bag today

My little makeup bag is super cute and from H&M. It cost about 3 euros, I think? Within, I usually keep what I might need to do touch-ups on my makeup during the day. Out of habit, I keep a mascara in it as well, though that’s one of those things I never need to reapply. And speaking of mascara, I’m quite loving this Isadora All Day Long Lash mascara I bought recently! I also always carry powder and ideally I’d carry plotting tissues, but right now I’ve ran out (The Body Shop has the best ones). I carry my blush of the day (MUA’s Marshmallow) just in case I’d need to touch up a bit, though I don’t have a brush with me, so I’m pretty sure it would turn out to be a right mess. I carry lip balms with me always (Carmex & Aco, from pharmacy) and today I also carry a couple of lipsticks. The very worn out pen-looking one is Isadora’s, can’t remember what the shade was called, but it’s that perfect everyday hue that just looks really natural. The other lipstick I have with me today is one of the minis from H&M, the Barbie-pink one. Wearing it right now and kind of loving it! I also have an eyeliner with me, in case I need to make my eye makeup more dramatic throughout the day. Apparently, I also have an extra mirror on me, probably because my old powder didn’t have a mirror that would bend back properly – making it hard to fix makeup.

That’s what’s in my bag today!


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