Swapping my BB for a CC

On Saturday I went and bought a few new products. I tagged along when my husband went to the grocery store (a nearby supermarket, a bit like Wal-Mart etc) and said I’d just come “out of curiosity” to browse the cosmetics section a bit… Well. I browsed it, alright. I had planned on getting a primer if I could find one at a decent price. I found a Lumene Beauty Base Mattifying and Retexturizing Primer, which felt very smooth and silky there – and of course, full of promise. Sadly, not even this primer can “retexturize” my pores into oblivion, but I think it may be alright for my mineral base anyway. Minerals just look so much better on top of a primer.

Sticking with Lumene, I bought the Finnish label’s Color Correcting Cream 6-in-1 in the lightest shade possible (they have 3 shades). I also bought the Lumene Color Correcting Powder 6-in-1 in shade Light/Medium, which amazingly enough doesn’t give me a fake tan. Lumene, as mentioned, is a Finnish brand that sells average priced makeup underneath the Lumene label (about same price range as L’Oréal & Maybelline). Lumene also sells skincare products under a wide range of prices. I’m uncertain as to if Lumene has cancelled its extremely affordable Basic Blue range now which used to be carried in just about any corner store, but on average the prices for the products range from approximately 8 euros for basic cleansers to 50 euros for the high end serums for the aged skin. Lumene also launched a Lumene Natural Code line a few years ago, which generally has products that are about half the price of Lumene, or a hint more than half the price. They do a pretty decent foundation in this range, which is of a very light shade, ideal for my skin too. I used many bottles of it in the past! Why did I stop? Not sure… Lumene also recently came up with the Lumene Lab range, which is exclusively sold at pharmacies and features skin care products in the price range of approximately 15 to 50 euros, if I recall correctly.

Looks pretty damn dark swatched, doesn’t it? To be perfectly honest, I’d need this to be an even lighter shade, but what can you do? Even my fellow Finns don’t get how pale I am. Most of Lumene’s foundations are too dark for me, despite of being “specially designed for the fair Finnish skin”. Right. Anyway, on the face, it doesn’t look that bad. I still feel a bit like I should get some kind of a neck/decollete tan, but what do you think about the color match? Livable?

Yes, amazingly my face, my neck/decollete and arms are all a different shade of pale. They are like that in real life too. And you think you’re having a hard time finding a foundation that matches your skin tone? Exactly!

Anyway, on the picture, I’m wearing the primer, the CCs, MUA’s Pretty Edgy eyeshadow palettes matte pink & purple shades (loving them), MUA’s glittery black eyeliner (still not that glittery), my trusted MUA blusher in Cupcake and MUA lipstick shade 4 AND my other new find – Isadora All Day Long Lash mascara. Isadora, by the way, is a Swedish cruelty free cosmetics brand which makes particularly deliciously scented lipsticks! Similar price range to Lumene, L’Oréal, Maybelline etc.

So how’s the color match? It’s a hint dark, but I think I might be able to live with it. Especially if I can figure out how to make my neck/decollete a bit less pasty white. Suggestions?

I expected the CC foundation to be quite light-weight and leaving a very light coverage, natural result. Boy was I wrong! First of all, the consistency of this CC is quite thick. You have to work it in pretty quickly – and you don’t need that much of it! I put it over a primer, because I wanted to test the primer, but I don’t think I’d use the primer with this normally. For instance, the product claims to work as a primer on its own and I doubt the primer would make much of a difference. The CC foundation makes your skin pretty much all evenly one toned leaving it rather matte, but not completely. My annoyingly persistently shiny nose can barely be tamed with powder, after all. What did surprise me about the foundation (besides the thickness and coverage) was the way it left my skin feeling afterwards. I was expecting to feel sticky and heavily made up, but honestly, my skin felt as natural as ever, very pleasant to touch.

The powder, despite being Light/Medium is a good, light shade that works for me well. Oddly, it claims to be moisturizing, amongst other things. I don’t know about that, but it does offer a good, matte finish. I think you might even be able to use it on its own, when you need just a light makeup, because it is still quite pigmented.

The foundation promises: “Weightless feel, yet perfect coverage for even skin tone.” I’d have to say that it delivers on that promise. That’s exactly how I would sum it up myself. I like the fact that this baby comes with an SPF 20! The powder promises to be a red neutralizing shade that evens out the skin tone while moisturizing it and providing a velvety matte finish that perfects the skin. It also promises to be long wearing. I think I would have to use the powder on its own to make a better judgement of those qualities, but the finish does appear to be velvety matte. On my skin the finish isn’t all that long lasting though. 3-4 hours, perhaps.

I think I’m going to try mixing the foundation with my day cream next time in case that would make it a bit less heavy (and bit less dark?). I also want to try the powder alone to see what it can do.

Have you tried Color Correcting creams?


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