31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7

My pet hates

Oh gods. I am so sorry to all of those whom these may offend! (I’m going to get so much hate for this, I know it!)

  1. Uneven fingernail lengths. If I break a nail, I have to cut all my nails to that length ASAP. If I can’t cut them right then and there, I will feel terribly anxious, self-conscious and awkward until I get to do it. Besides my own issues, I also can’t stand other people’s uneven fingernails! I’m sorry, but it’s not cool to just grow them at random lengths, polish them and keep pretending they’re okay! NO!
  2. Pajama pants as actual pants. They’re not pants. If you can’t be bothered to even pull on a pair of sweats before hitting the store, STAY HOME AND ORDER PIZZA YOU LAZY ASS! Krhm. I’m sorry. Pajama pants just are not pants and should not be viewed as such. Also, fuzzy slippers are not real shoes. Oh and see-through leggins also are not pants. Nope. Sorry. Not for me.
  3. Dresses that aren’t really dresses. Often seen on young, skinny females and even more often combined with tight, see-through leggins – or sometimes nothing at all. Dresses that cover your butt only when you’re standing. Those also don’t count as dresses. They’re long shirts. Anything that’s shorter than midway down your thigh is a shirt.
  4. Walking in heels that are way too tall for you. Also often seen on young, skinny females. I fear for their ankles as they clonk onwards in those things. I’m sorry, but grandma-Jenni thinks that’s just dangerous and looks stupid. When you CAN walk in those, I’m impressed.
  5. Nude lips + fake tan combo. Seemed to be extremely popular in my city around 2 years ago, but the trend seems to be dying down a bit. Finns are pale to begin with, so most fake tans look exactly that. Fake. When super dark tan is combined to super nude lips it just looks ridiculous. This look seems to often be paired with eyebrows so bold they’d put Peter Gallagher to shame (and that guy has eyebrows).
  6. People leaving milk cartons in the sink. The sink is not the garbage. There is a trash bin right underneath it. USE IT PEOPLE! (I seriously broke up with one guy because of that. Well, It was about 90% other reasons, but still!) This goes also for coffee filters, tea bags and what have you.
  7. My husband’s inability to take dirty laundry all the way to the laundry basket. It used to be worse. These days, he stashes his dirty laundry in our walk-in closet, on the floor, underneath his shelves. He takes them as a bulk to the basket / washing machine when I’m about to do laundry. But come on. It shouldn’t be so difficult. Besides, dirty man-clothes will eventually smell.
  8. People who assume that because I’m a woman, it’s okay to talk to me as if I were five. Guess what, I’m not five. I’m also pretty smart. Probably smarter than you. I know things. Many things. Probably more interesting things than you do! (I’m not referring to you, my lovely, intelligent and sensitive reader!) Anyway, I don’t need to be spoken to as if I were a child or somehow slow in the brain. I get things. Talk to me as you would talk to any person you deem worthy of your time.
  9. People telling me to calm down when I’m upset/furious/enraged. You all ought to know better by now!
  10. People who are horrible at traffic. This covers people who drive 60km/h on 80km/h speed limit, people who don’t give way to someone who’s clearly trying to go somewhere and the only way there is past you and your stupid car, people who drive 80km/h when the speed limit is 40km/h and people who do their makeup/talk on the phone/read the paper/something while driving. NO.
  11. Inefficient packaging of things. Like when I order a small bottle from Germany and it’s delivered in a cardboard box big enough to fit my dog. Without any padding. No joke.
  12. Buying a product only to see it on sale the next day. Happens far too often…

I could really go on. I guess I’m a very hateful person.


One thought on “31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 7

  1. Ahhh the pajamas thing drives me nuts too. I wear them when I’m at home and not going anywhere, but seriously, people should put some real pants on to go out in public.

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