31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 6

Yeah, day 6, because, day 5 challenge was 10 songs I’m loving right now. I’m only really loving two right now (Klingande – Jubel / Passenger – Let Her Go), so I’m going to have to have a think here. And/or cheat. A bit.

Day 6 challenge was titled “Your 5 Senses Right Now”. I’m not entirely sure what this means, to be honest. Touch, Smell, Sight, Taste and Hearing? Well they all seem to be operating within normal parameters, what more could you want?

I’m touching my keyboard now, it feels a hint cool, quite hard and smooth for being so very old. I’m not really smelling anything in particular right now, except perhaps the residues of today’s dinner, or the muffins I made earlier. I’m seeing this monitor, it’s reasonably sized, reasonably well lit. I’m seeing a pile of papers on my desk and when I look around, I see that the day has become a dark evening and that there’s some laundry waiting to be put away. I’m tasting raspberry juice, mildly, it was a while ago that I finished my drink. I’m hearing the sound of my typing (quite loud), the “chip-chip-chip” that comes from the dogs’ nails on the laminate floor – and my husband singing about how fuzzy my dog is to the Dragonborn (Skyrim) theme…


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