My MUA blushers

I now have five different MUA blushers, but since one of them is from the older selection and honestly, not very presentable looking anymore, I thought I’d focus on the year 2013 shades (I wonder if and when there will be 2014 shades?) out of which I have: Cupcake, Lolly, Bubblegum and Marshmallow. Now that MUA has revamped their website, they seem to have removed (or sold out?) all of the 2013 shades. Same fate has happened to some other products as well I’m noticing, including all of Fashionista range being taken down (limited edition, they said).


I absolutely adore the MUA blushers and I consider them to be one of MUA’s best products. They seem to give a long wear time even on my skin, which easily gets greasier throughout the day. The blushers are quite pigmented and actually show up as the same color on the cheeks as they do in their containers. Here’s a rather creepy hand-swatch of the blushers in action in the order of Cupcake, Lolly, Bubblegum, Marshmallow:


Excuse my dry hands, they’re always parched after a work day. I’d say the swatches in the picture are quite true to life however. If I could only pick one favorite though, I’d have to say Cupcake. It’s a bit strange actually, since I was most looking forward to the other three shades, but Cupcake is just such a natural and easy to wear hue that I can’t get enough of it!

What I like the most about the MUA blushers (besides their amazing price of £1) is their pigment and range of colors. I look horribly washed out without a blush on my face so I definitely consider blushes to be one of my beauty essentials. MUA’s blushers have another excellent side to them as well – they’re cruelty free.

Honestly, I have to say that blush used to be more of a necessary evil for me before I stumbled upon the MUA blushers. I would buy one and use it out, using the same product every day as a mandatory part of my getting pretty. Now, I love being able to choose my blush according to my mood – and to actually match it to the rest of my makeup far better than I could do with just one shade!

Do you have any MUA blushers?


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