31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2

20 facts about me

1. I have so many layers, that I’m like an onion. However, most people only ever get to see the top two or three layers.
2. The one and only time I have ever cried in front of other people was at my father’s funeral.
3. Out of my group of friends as a child, I was always labeled as the strong and fearless one. I would be the one to lead our group along a dark path at night, step into an abandoned building first and again, I never cried. Pippi Långstrump was my idol.
4. I still wish to be the strong and fearless one, so I rarely show much emotion – unless something makes me angry. Hell hath no fury, like a woman scorn, right?
5. Apparently I consider lack of showing emotion in public as a strength. I must be Japanese at heart.

(I haven’t seen cherry blossoms, but apple tree blossoms are close enough and lovely!)

6. Speaking of which, I have studied Japanese. “Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Jenni desu. Finrando-jin desu. Doozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!”
7. I have also dreamed in Japanese before (back when I was watching a lot of anime) – but my dreams had English subtitles.
8. Yes, I have very strange dreams. Always in full color, vivid, life-like and interesting. I also dream a lot about natural disasters… and saving people from them. I solve a lot of problems in my dreams.
9. I don’t really have a favorite color, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick white as it is that blank canvas upon which you can build anything.
10. Dogs tend to love me. They know that I love them and as such, dogs being walked down the street and passing me pretty much always gravitate to me happily, seeking my attention and affection. It’s pretty cool. Even my friend’s dog who normally doesn’t like strangers at all, started begging me for attention two minutes from arriving at her place for the first time.

11. I generally get along well with most animals. As a child, I used to feed wild squirrels with nuts – right out of the palm of my hand. I also once had a duck family follow me into the kitchen of our summer house – I’d like to think it was because I had promised them some bread. Once, I convinced a horse that sponge baths are alright in about 30 minutes, after a life long fear of buckets and sponges…
12. I’m definitely more of an animal person than a people person.
13. Nothing calms and relaxes me better than spending time at the stables. The scent of horses and their warmth is just the best therapy.
14. I love tea and I have been drinking it as long as I can remember. I think my love for Twinings Earl Grey is about 25 years old now…

15. I play video games. Computer games, to be exact. My most long standing love affair was with World of Warcraft, which I’ve been on a break from now since last fall. Going back at the next expansion for sure though!
16. I’m a huuuuuuge Star Trek fan. A trekkie, definitely. Heck, I made this on our living room wall from a pile of sticker letters my mother gave me, for making inspirational quotes or some such. Well if this isn’t inspirational, then I don’t know what is!

17. I have a pretty impressive medical knowledge database in my head from entertaining myself with both medicine-related tv-shows and documentaries as well as simply reading up on illnesses and conditions a lot. I also have some knowledge of Eastern Medicine, as my mother worked in that field until her retirement.
18. I generally like to entertain myself by learning new things, often facts about countries, geography, history and the like. I have a huge amount of random tidbits memorized from around the world…
19. I’ve had my own camera since I was six years old and photography has always been one of my favorite hobbies.
20. I learned to ski at the Austrian Alps at the age of four when my dad simply pushed me down the slope to see how it’d go. It went well. I learned to swim at the same age, when I snuck into the “adult side of the pool” at our holiday destination in Tenerife when my parents’ attention wasn’t on me for a few minutes.


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