31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

Introduction & recent photo

day1-pictureSo, by now you’ve all probably figured out that I like cosmetics and makeup and talking about the two. I do. Besides my love for cosmetics, I also enjoy a nice cup of tea whenever I have a chance, making me an a-typical Finn. Finnish people are coffee drinkers, consuming the most amount of coffee per person in the world, along with Norwegians and Icelanders. I’m an a-typical Finn in some other ways too, such as being completely fine living without a sauna of my own. Our previous apartment had a sauna, but honestly, I’ve only missed it a couple of times since. I believe that apartment building saunas are nothing compared to the “real thing”, which to me, is a separate sauna building, preferably by a lake, with a wood burning stove and perhaps, no running water. Smoke saunas can be amazing too. Your average electric sauna though… bah. Give me a bathtub instead!

Unlike most of my countrymen, I also don’t consume excess amounts of alcohol. In fact, I don’t consume any. I’m not exactly sworn off alcohol and I don’t mind having a piece of delicious “booze cake”, which essentially is a cake that contains vodka. My mother makes it and it’s delicious. And the alcohol evaporates in the oven. Or so I’m told.

I’m married (6 years and counting) to an American, Michael (Mike), who moved to Finland in 2011. Until then, we were on a long distance relationship that started almost 10 years ago, though we first met in person in 2005, when my husband first came to visit Finland. It was the middle of winter and it was absolutely freezing cold outside and dark all the time and he basically spent his first week here sleeping, unable to figure out what day or time it was. Poor guy.

Another long-term relationship I have is with my dog, Milo. He’s a small poodle who just turned 12 last week. I’ve had him since he was a puppy and I’ll hopefully continue to have him for many more years to come! He’s in good shape and health, save for a heart murmur, which doesn’t yet require medication as he’s not showing symptoms. We have however reduced the amount of intense play in order to avoid problems. Never in my life did I think I would be a poodle owner, but after first seeing him and his “family” when he was a mere 4 weeks old, I was sold. More so, when he peed on me as if to mark me as his property.

In addition to my poodle, I have a great love for horses. I love all animals, but especially dogs and horses. And lizards… My first toy ever was an orange My Little Pony – which I still have! I first rode a horse at the age of 2 and ever since I’ve dreamed of a horse of my own… Maybe someday?

Perhaps I will leave further details for a post that is yet to come. I’m hoping all of you will join me in this challenge!


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