Little cuties from H&M

I got these super cute lipsticks yesterday with my order from H&M. They are soooo tiny, but after swatching them, I was pretty surprised by how pigmented they were and also how easily they would glide on. The colors in the pictures are a bit off, as I got home so late that the sun had already mostly vanished. The colors on the swatches are quite true to life.

I thought at first that I’d have absolutely no use for the palest color of the set, but after a bit of work and an opinion from my husband, it looks like I’m going to give it a go! When applied straight from the tube, it looks absolutely awful. It’s so very pale and looks kind of like it simply lacks color. When you go over your lips with your finger, however, that’s when it evens out and produces a rather lovely, matte, nude pink lip. Definitely a surprise! In fact, all of the colors work best when you apply them and then even them out a bit with your finger. These are matte lipsticks and quite gorgeous as such!

The lighter pink is is a bit of a Barbie kind of a shade, but I think it can look quite wearable since it’s matte. The peachy color is very lovely and natural looking, probably the “easiest” of the group. The darker, “hot pink” is that kind of a pink that I’ve been looking for all year. Definitely my kind of a statement lip! With this one, I’m already sad that the tube is so tiny. Perhaps I can order a normal sized version from H&M (or just buy one at the nearest store)? The vibrant red is actually a really good, kind of a slightly cold red, I think. Very strong, but beautiful. Because of their size, I can imagine carrying them all with me at all times, but I’m quite worried that they might break easily in a more crowded makeup bag as their shells feel very flimsy.

The makeup bag I got is super cute and yummy-looking (if a makeup bag can look yummy?) peachy color with an interesting, almost plastic-like texture to it. I’m absolutely in love with it!

The pants I had ordered arrived now as well, but I’m not entirely sure as to how I feel about them. As with most brands I’ve tried, the plus size clothing doesn’t seem to be made for a woman who’s shaped like one. I actually have the “hourglass” waist-to-hip ratio, but clothing is not made for this, supposedly ideal, body type these days. What fits my butt/hips, leaves a massive gap at my waist. I’m going to try on both of the pants one more time to see if they could be wearable, but so far, no wow effect. It’s nice though that the measuring in terms of length seems to be right – just a shame that other measurements don’t seem to work for me… I wish I could get those t-shirts soon though!

On the brighter side of things,that MUA order of mine that I thought was lost was delivered to our apartment as well! Hooray!


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