My “long lost” MUA order

You can probably imagine my surprise on today, when my husband called me at work and told me that I had received a package from the UK. My MUA order had arrived after making its way to Finland for 35 days! I have no idea what the delay was, but everything arrived in perfect condition! What a wonderful thing to perk me up on a Monday.


Missing from the picture are the lovely, soft brushes I got (powder/blush/bronzer brush, blush/contour brush & eyeshadow brush), but they are feeling as fantastic as I had expected them to be! Besides the brushes, I got the Ever After Matte eyeshadow palette which, according to my “research” has gained rather mixed reviews online. I quickly swatched everything and found the texture to be very soft and smooth and I didn’t notice pigmentation issues that some people had reported. These are by no means as pigmented as MUA’s shimmery shades, but for my liking, they’re pigmented enough. However, the first 4 colors are quite similar to one another with very little difference to be noticed in between them. They are also all as pale as I am, so we’ll see how well they work for me.

I also got one of the lipsticks in shade Bare, a nude colored one at that. The texture is quite lovely and creamy, but the color… not sure if works for me. I keep practically hoarding nude lipsticks because I’ve somehow been conditioned to think that I really need one (as all women, I hear, are supposed to have one), but I just look silly with a nude lip. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t found my shade or if it’s because I’m so pale. Or something else entirely. All I know, is that I keep looking kind of silly wearing nude lipsticks.

My two blushes, that I had waited anxiously for, were called Lolly (the peachy one) and Marshmallow (the super pink one). Lolly was actually less in-your-face-orange than I had expected, but I’m eager to try it to see how it looks. Marshmallow is an amazing pink shade, very bold. I want to use it so badly, but I’m so not a good blusher (hah) that it’ll likely take me some time to master applying such bold colors in a non-clownish kind of way.

Last, but not least, I got this lovely light coral-peach nail polish in shade Summer, which is exactly the kind of hue I’ve been wanting to get.

I’ll let you know what I think of the eye shadows once I have tested them a bit more – same goes for the blushes!

PS. Plain coconut oil so does not work as a deodorant for more than over night! Brrrr!


4 thoughts on “My “long lost” MUA order

  1. Great post, I have the MUA blusher in Marshmallow it’s so nice, you don’t need to apply a lot as it’s super pigmented and just blend it into your foundation (or add a tiny bit of foundation over it) and you’ll be good to go :)

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