Coconut oil – and what to do with it


Since buying the nature’s own little miracle, a tub of coconut oil, on Saturday, I have practically been swimming in it. I have tested the stuff as makeup remover, eye makeup remover, cuticle oil, body oil, body & face scrub, eye cream, lip balm, deep-moisturizing hand treatment and as a hair mask, as well as a relief for my cracked heels (significant improvement seen within 2 hours). I even tried the stuff as a deodorant! According to the coconut oil lovers, the uses for this stuff are nearly endless.

As mentioned before, I was most interested in trying this out as an eye makeup remover as well as a regular makeup remover. First time I tried it, I just scooped a generous helping out of the tub, warmed it up between my hands and began spreading the stuff all over my face. To be noted, not the best idea to just liberally rub it over your eyes as well. It’s even worse of an idea to open your eyes in the middle of it all to see if anything is coming off – you’ll have cloudy, oily eyes for a while and stingy eyes for the rest of the night!

Instead, be smart about it and use a cotton pad when you attempt to remove your eye makeup. On the face, you can rub the oil with your hands (it feels and smells heavenly that way) and then either wipe it off with cotton pads or wash it off with warm water OR your current face cleansing product.

As you can see, I was wearing pretty heavy eye makeup – I had on primer, eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara. I rubbed my eyes very gently with the cotton pad and just after a couple of sweeps all of the eye shadow and most of the liner had come off. The mascara does take a bit more work, but I’m not sure if it’s just because I have somehow a lot of lashes or something, giving the mascara a lot to latch on to?

As an eye makeup remover, it works well and feels good – as long as you don’t get it into your eyes. I think it might be also up to the individual if you’d feel anything after getting some oil into your eyes, but my eyes are very sensitive and dry, reacting easily to everything.

In terms of removing your face makeup, rubbing coconut oil all over your face feels somehow very luxurious and of course, smells amazing. After rubbing the oil on, I left it alone for a bit, as if it were a mask. I removed the oil with cotton pads this time around, but the first time I tried it, I washed it off with water – and then, to make really sure it’s all gone, I washed my face with my usual cleanser. If you wash the stuff off with just water afterwards, your skin will feel soft and perhaps a bit oily or at least moisturized. I get the feeling that if you’d just wipe the oil off, or rinse it off, you might be moisturized enough for the night to not need any creams.

In my opinion, coconut oil also works amazingly as a hand treatment / cuticle oil, but it doesn’t really work as a lip balm as it (at least on me) gets absorbed / vanishes rather quickly. I also don’t think you could really apply lipstick over it since it’s so oily and slippery – before vanishing.  For me, coconut oil doesn’t really work out as an eye cream as it wants to travel into my eyes too easily, which causes my vision to get blurry and my eyes to feel kind of painful. It might work for people with very dry eye area – or perhaps as a short treatment.

As a body & face scrub I find that coconut oil works really well. It makes a very affordable and useful scrub when you take some coconut oil (about 2 heaped table spoons would be enough for face & body, I think) and mix it with granulated sugar or brown sugar. If you have very sensitive skin, try this carefully as any grainy scrubs can be too hard on skin that reacts easily. I used this for both my body and my face and found the results to be pretty amazing! If you like feeling squeaky clean after a shower, this scrub isn’t for you as it leaves your skin feeling like it has been oiled – though not so much that you’d have to worry about your clothes or anything like that. If you don’t soap yourself up afterwards, I’m pretty sure this would also qualify as a moisturizer for your body. My face was also left feeling softer and smoother than ever before and I’m fairly sure that his will become my future face scrub of choice! The sugar granules give you a really cleansed feeling while the oil keeps you feeling moisturized – loving it.

As a hair mask, coconut oil is definitely a bargain buy! Spreading some onto dry hair (avoid roots) and letting it work its magic for 30-60 minutes before hopping onto the shower guarantees soft, silky hair. You need very little oil compared to the amount you need a hair mask, just remember to use it on dry hair as it would most likely not attach well on wet hair, being an oil. As I was washing off the oil in the shower, I could feel my hair becoming extremely soft and I was pretty sure I could be just fine without following up with a conditioner – but I chickened out and used it anyway!

I did however apply coconut oil as a deodorant after my shower and found it oddly pleasant. It remains to be seen if the lovely coconut-y smell will last or be replaced by something less lovely, but my armpits have never felt this smooth! My armpits didn’t end up feeling all gross and oily and I could put on a t-shirt immediately afterwards. I’m very curious to see where this goes!

To sum it up, I found coconut oil to be good for:

  • Face & Body Scrubs
  • Makeup remover
  • Eye makeup remover (when done right!)
  • Hand & cuticle treatment
  • Body oil
  • Healing cracked feet
  • Deep moisturizing treatment for hair

It’s not so good for:

  • Eye cream (too liquid-y, I think)
  • Lip cream (vanishes too quickly)

The jury is still out on whether or not it’s good for deodorizing my armpits!

Do you think you could replace items in your beauty regimen with coconut oil? Would you?


2 thoughts on “Coconut oil – and what to do with it

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences! I recently bought a jar of coconut oil too – it is great, and the nicest hair mask I have ever used. I still used conditioner, like you, but my hair was noticeably more soft after the coconut oil mask. Cheers!

    • Though I really liked it as a mask, I think my hair is not damaged/dry enough for it. I did also try to put on some oil into my semi-damp hair and even though it seemed alright at first, I did end up having to wash my hair as soon as I got back from work as I felt like it was getting really greasy :/ Shame.

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