Coconuts galore

I don’t even remember where I originally stumbled upon virgin coconut oil, I think it was a blog or an article somewhere in the depths of the Internet, but regardless, a while ago I got really interested in coconuts. I believe my interest was originally sparked by reading about using coconut oil as an excellent eye makeup remover. I honestly have no idea what my lashes are made of but even one coat of non-waterproof mascara is unbelievably hard to remove. The brand of mascara and the brand of eye makeup remover have nothing to do with how easy or hard it is to get rid of my mascara. I use an eye makeup remover that I consider to be very good and effective and it has been highly praised by bloggers around Finland – Maybelline New York Cils Demasq 2in1. It has also received a lot of positive reviews in pretty much any online store I’ve looked at. It is supposed to remove waterproof makeup with ease, so why the heck can I not get rid of any non-waterproof mascara with it?

Anyway, a couple of nights ago, before taking a shower, I removed my eye makeup to the best of my abilities (excluding insane rubbing) with this eye makeup remover. I hopped into the shower, washed my face and even my eye are with this foamy cleanser I have and stepped out of the shower. Looked into the mirror and… saw panda eyes. WHY?! I then proceed to use the eye makeup remover again to get rid of the panda and then I wipe my entire face, including my eyelids with my micellar water and my gods, I still get some mascara residue in that cotton pad… Oigh!

So, I purchased a tub of cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil for about 10 euros AND just out of curiosity, a drink of 100% pure coconut water, which I have never tried. Coconut water tastes very mild, slightly sweet and a hint coconut-y. Refreshing, but not something I’d like to actively consume. However, the oil I’m finding interesting. In room temperature it’s a solid hunk of… well, grease. As soon as it touches skin, however, it becomes oil. It’s surprisingly less annoying to spread onto your skin (I tried it on my hands first) than I expected. It’s not nearly as greasy or sticky as I would’ve thought. How did it fare as an eye makeup remover then? Well, you’ll find out soon enough.

In the meanwhile… I guess it’s time for me to swap these delicious pancakes…


To a healthy smoothie… with a table spoon or two of coconut oil included!


Have you tried coconut oil?


4 thoughts on “Coconuts galore

  1. I LOVE COCONUT OIL! My mom introduced me to it, because she takes two tbs everyday for her thyroid problem. She told me about using it as oil treatment for the hair. I’ve used it for moisturizer too and makeup remover.
    I tried it on my coffee and it was delicious but I didn’t like that a lot of oil sitting on top of the coffee.. I’d love a coconut flavor coffee <3

    • Very interesting! I’ve suspected myself to have a thyroid problem for some years, perhaps I will find coconut oil to be helpful for me too. I heard it’s also helpful for asthma sufferers (such as I). I’m practically swimming in the stuff right now as I’m trying to use it as many ways as possible! Results are coming up tomorrow :D

      • I’ve never heard about the benefits regarding asthma sufferers but that is pretty interesting. Would definitely love to read your results post.

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