Pretty Edgy & Pals

MUA_haulI could barely make it through my (2 hours shorter than normal) work day yesterday without going completely insane as I knew that there was a parcel waiting for me at the post office and I knew it would be from MUA Makeup Academy. I did think it was going to be that order of mine with the brushes included, but I was quite surprised to open the small parcel to find the order I placed on the 28th of February. MUA usually does deliver within about 2 weeks from placing an order, all the way to Finland, so this was right on time. I have a feeling though that my other order is forever lost…

Regardless of the sadness of not getting my much lusted after brushes yet, I will gladly admit that I had been waiting for this order perhaps even more anxiously. All because of me suddenly realizing how amazing the Pretty Edgy palette could be and how it could ease my pain of not getting the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, since Pretty Edgy features a couple of gorgeous rosy tones as well.

In addition to the Pretty Edgy palette, I also got a whole pile of other goodies:

  • MUA Luxe Power Brow 2-in-1 shape & highlighter pen (mid brown)
  • MUA Intense Glosses (Stolen Kisses)
  • 2 x MUA Intense Glitter Eyeliners (Starry Night & Gold Nugget)
  • 2 x MUA 2013 Blushers (Cupcake (soft peach) & Bubblegum (coral rose pink))
  • 4 x MUA Lipsticks (shades 7, 16 and 4, which I accidentally ordered two of)
  • MUA Sheer Lip Gloss (Some Me Time)
  • MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer

Once I got home, I instantly rushed to wash off my makeup just so that I could try out some of these on a fresh face. Unfortunately I was also in such a rush that I forgot to take off my eyeglasses before taking pictures of the makeup. *facepalm*

Products used for this look:

  • Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF 15 (Porcelain)
  • Lily Lolo Mineral Finishing Powder (Translucent Silk)
  • MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter
  • MUA 2013 Blushers (Cupcake)
  • MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer
  • MUA Power Brow (Mid Brown)
  • MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Palette (Antique, Bow & Flounce)
  • MUA Fashionista Supermodel Lenght Mascara (Black)
  • MUA Lipstick (Shade 4)

Have you tried MUA’s products? Found any favorites?


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