Initial thoughts on my MUA order

First impressions of my order: I LOVE EVERYTHING.

Pretty Edgy: Love love love love LOVE. The shimmery white shade, Antique, is (not surprisingly) the only not-so-pigmentend shade of the palette, but it still works well as a basic highlighter for all the looks you could create with this palette. This definitely satisfies my craving for natural, rosy tones, as well as generally wearable, everyday kind of neutrals. I’m sure you can use this for a dramatic look too, considering also those powerful mattes in the palette. I’m certain that from now on, when I have to travel anywhere, this will be the only palette I need to take with me. Did I mention I love this palette?

Lipsticks: I’m a bit uncertain as to how well I will be able to wear the shades 7 and 16 of those lipsticks as 7 is a much warmer shade than I expected and well, 16 is pure, show-stopping ORANGE. It is an absolutely amazing shade, but I’m not entirely sure it’ll be amazing on me. It is however very intensely pigmented, unlike 4, which is a very subtle and sheer (I like it, though I was hoping for it to be a vivid, bright pink as the tube suggests). Shade 7 doesn’t honestly float my boat to any particular direction, it is quite opaque, felt moisturizing and the color is on a lighter, warmer red.

Blushers: Cupcake is definitely something I can wear easily on every day with anything. It’s very light and natural and not super peach in my opinion. Just gives a bit of shade. Bubblegum is more intense in terms of pigment and color, appearing a cool apple red, almost, on my skin. It looks quite lovely and gives me the look of having just been outside in the crisp winter air. I really like both shades.

Power Brow: This was my 2nd order of the Power Brow, as my first one met an untimely death due to the fact that I forgot to unwind the product back into the lid properly before closing it… Let’s hope I won’t do that again. This is a pigmented eyebrow pen & highlighter -combo, which I really like in terms of texture. However, the shade feels quite dark on me, despite being only the medium brown shade. It will take some getting used to.

Intense Glosses: Stolen Kisses is a very pigmented lip gloss with cool undertones. It’s a pretty berry red, quite intense, but wearable. I just love the texture of these glosses and this shade is definitely better suited for me than the one I got from MUA as a raffle price.

Intense Glitter Eyeliners: Good amount of pigment in both, but the glitter is very subtle and barely there. I don’t know if I could’ve expected more though, since they are pens and not gels or liquids. I think I will get good use out of them regardless!

Sheer Lip Gloss: It is exactly what it says it is. A sheer lip gloss. It’s a bit stickier than the Intense Glosses one (which is completely non-sticky and amazing), but that is to be expected, being in a tube. Very lovely and natural, though I had kind of hoped for a bit more color. I may end up using this over a lipstick though, probably my nude one to make it better suited for my cooler coloring.

Pro-Base Eye Primer: Surprisingly usable. I’ve never had a specific eye primer before, but now that I do, I’m not sure if I want to give it up again. The color is actually fair enough to work for me – even under my eyes as a light concealer. Who says I can’t use it for that, if I want to? It remains to be seen as to how well it survives through a work day.


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