I am a lipstick hoarder

My name is Jenni and I’m a lipstick-a-holic.

Throughout my teens and even 20’s (by the gods, I am old), I was a lip gloss kind of a gal all the way. I could not get enough of glosses. It was rare of me to be able to exit a store with a cosmetics selection of some kind, without buying a new gloss. I admit that I had a problem and it was a pretty bad one. Often, glosses were an affordable (even on a student’s budget) kind of a quick pick-me-up after a stressful week, but honestly, there was always some excuse to buy a new one. I always preferred the glosses that came with some kind of a wand, preferably one that had a brush, instead of a sponge tip applicator.

However, I slowly started to move away from lip glosses a few years ago. It must’ve happened gradually at first, because I’m not entirely sure when it happened, but nowadays, I notice myself skipping lip glosses entirely when I browse around for cosmetics. During the time I’ve lived in my current home town (4 years now), I’ve bought almost exclusively lipsticks. And I have quite a few…


Yeah. That. That is a few lipsticks. I’m sure that in comparison to beauty bloggers this is barely a collection, consider that many beauty bloggers also get products from companies as the companies hope for reviews and thus, publicity. Any publicity is good, right?

The prices of my lipsticks are somewhere between 1,20 € and approximately 24,00 €, I’d say, granted that the current most expensive ones I’ve received from a LivBox. I’d say the average lipstick in my stash is around 12-15 euros, give or take. Lipstick prices have been going up around here on most brands, I’ve noticed. Same with all cosmetics really. A few years ago most mascaras were around 10-15 euros, nowadays they’re more like 15-20 euros – brands like L´Oreal, Maybelline etc. Rimmel is more affordable still, but not by much.

I can still remember where, when and why I bought most of these lipsticks. The oldest one I think is around 4 years of age (what expiration date?) and the newest one is a bit over a month old (Maybelline Color Sensational 445 Mango Diamonds). Most of the lipsticks I’ve bought from Finland, department stores, supermarkets and, in the case of Yves Rocher, the brand’s own store.

Like most women, I assume, I too gravitate towards the darker, more berry shades during the winter months and go towards soft coral-pinks for the summer, as such, it’s kind of hard to determine which one is my most used lipstick. Usually it’s my newest shade that sees the most use. Right now, I’m really liking that Clinique one I recently got, but also the Maybelline’s Mango Diamonds is a common choice for my everyday looks – I also love it’s scent! I don’t know if all of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks now have a delicious, kind of exotic scent or if it’s just this newest one, but I really like the smell of the Mango Diamonds shade. Yum!

I’ve been hunting for the perfect nude lip color for years, as I keep hearing it’s that one color every woman should have. My lips are naturally quite pigmented though so it seems to be very difficult to find a suitable nude. I keep feeling like most nudes wash me out completely, which would also be the case with the MUA’s Matte Lipstick in Totally Nude, if I didn’t coat it with a gloss.

And speaking of glosses… and stains… and such… I do still have a few of those too.

I wasn’t sure if I should count those “jumbo sticks” lipsticks or not, but I decided to leave them out. Those babies have all seen a lot of use and in some ways, they have even kind of passed lipsticks as my favorites. In some ways. The darkest of the pen-like ones is by Lumene, the beige one is by MUA and the other two are by Isadora, if my memory serves me. These all have a definite scent to them, unlike most of my lipsticks. Lumene has a mild berry scent, MUA has a fairly strong and refreshing peppermint scent (loving it) and the Isadora ones smell deliciously like vanilla sugar… Mmm…

In terms of lipsticks, I tend to like berry shades and sort of coral shades. I’m not entirely certain what shades I should be wearing, because if I were to trust my color analysis from a few years back, I would be the Winter type and as such, I shouldn’t be looking in any way presentable in anything coral-y, but I personally think those tend to look quite nice on me. Granted, that I do like my corals perhaps a bit more as cooler shades and pinkish corals…

Good news (?) is, I think my lipstick collection will be growing by at least one tomorrow, because there is apparently a parcel of some kind waiting for me at the post office (because the mailman was too lazy to bring it to my apartment) and I’m fairly sure it is my MUA order that I had thought lost forever. As to why would anyone ship anything from UK to Finland in a padded envelope is beyond my understanding, but I can only hope everything arrived safely. This may also be as to why it took so long… I hope my powdery products aren’t broken! I’ll find out later today when I go pick it up.

Another piece of news, good or otherwise, is that now, after seeing this hoard and testing the shades on my lips… I can, perhaps with a slightly heavy heart, throw away lipsticks that have dried up / do not smell the freshest / do not suit me at all. Those which are newish and barely used I will donate to my mom who can wear warmer shades easily, having a yellowish skin tone which even tans easily.

Do you hoard lipsticks or glosses? Or do you have some other cosmetic product that you keep buying tons of?


2 thoughts on “I am a lipstick hoarder

  1. Hi Jenni :)

    I try not to hoard makeup in general just because when I get rid of the items I barely use, there is no better excuse to get new ones, I give my baby sister all the lipsticks that I know I won’t be using even if they were used once, I blame it mostly on online shopping, lipsticks should be tried first not just for the color but for the texture. just few months ago I got the Bobbi brown 1991 lip palette, and that was it :) I stopped buying more because the palette was so rich in every color even those I’ve never found the courage to try :)

    • That sounds smart! I agree on the online shopping as well, I’ve lately been ordering a lot from UK as even with shipping, the cosmetics from there are far better priced than they are in Finland. However, there’s always a chance that the color seen online doesn’t match the reality at all. I try to see reviews and swatches of products before I buy them these days, but sometimes even that doesn’t really help!

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