MUA Makeup Academy: From Dusk ‘Til Dawn eyeshadow palette

I bought my first MUA Makeup Academy eyeshadow palette around November last year and since purchasing it (and another one about a month later) I don’t think I have really touched any of my previous palettes or eye shadows. My first purchase was MUA’s From Dusk ‘Til Dawn -palette, which I selected from MUA’s vast selection after much though. It was the palette that first drew me to MUA’s online store, however, after I saw the palette being used in Emma Pickles‘ YouTube video!

From Dusk 'Til Dawn

This is what the palette looked like, completely untouched!

From Dusk 'Til Dawn

…and here is my palette now. Much used and much loved. And much messy!

Unfortunately the lighting situation is awful right now. It’s pretty dark when I leave for work and by the time I’m home from work and have done the most immediate tasks, it’s dark again. Aaand of course, I didn’t think to take pictures during the weekend. Durrr. Anyway, you can see the colors better in the first picture than in the 2nd one.

Here are the swatches, though pay in mind that the pictures are taken in a rather yellow indoor lighting and still look a bit off, despite my fixing them somewhat. The top row is the one on the left, the bottom one is on the right. You may not be able to see the 1st shade on the top row on my skin at all and that, my friends, would be because it’s pretty much my skin tone. Yes, I am that pale.

Considering that this palette costs £ 4 (around 5 euros I believe it was), the quality is absolutely fantastic. I’ve bought so many lovely-looking palettes in the past only to be disappointed by the quality of the colors. It’s highly annoying when the only way to get anything out of the pan is by taking one of those sponge-y applicators (like the one this one came with) and rubbing the heck out of that pan! All of the colors in this palette are well pigmented, though if I would have to choose the least pigmented ones, it would probably be the first one on top row (or maybe it’s because it’s my skin tone and I cannot see it?) and the second one on the bottom row, which is also kind of chalkier than the rest of the colors.

I bought this palette because I loved the fact that it had the kind of shades I can think of myself wearing (the entire top row and the first two of the second row) as well as shades I’d love to learn to wear (the remaining of the bottom row) – and pay in mind, I was drawn to the palette by the amazing teal shade as well as the deep, dark blue! I do have to admit though that I find it extremely hard to reach for those last four shades – except for lining my eyes. I love lining my eyes with an eyeshadow though, because it’s more forgiving to apply than say… a felt tip pen. My eyeglasses prescription is about -6.00 to -6.50 and I can’t wear contact lenses due to ridiculously dry eyes so applying eye makeup is a challenge on its own!

My favorite shades on the palette are the last two shades on the top row (the ones on the right). The darker one is a lovely, kind of purple-ish brown and the other one is a natural, peachy tone, really good for everyday use. I also love the deep purple with the metallic sheen, but I still haven’t learned how to use it right!

I do appreciate the staying power on these eye shadows though! On a normal day they last on my lids approximately 6 hours without going anywhere and without me using a primer, though I do use an eye cream, which sometimes makes my eye shadow take a hike a lot quicker. The shadows last up to 10 hours if I haven’t used any eye cream, which is pretty great! Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would be alright with an eyeshadow that doesn’t remain looking pretty decent for the duration of an 8-hour work day! I demand more! Yeah!

I’m currently waiting for two more MUA’s palettes to arrive, but one of the packages has been “on its way” for a month now, so I’m starting to lose hope that it’ll ever reach me… which is upsetting, because that order also contained quite a few makeup brushes, which I could really use! Not to mention those delicious blushers… To be honest, I’m starting to be a bit suspicious about this all, because my first MUA order was in my hands in a week from placing the order and since then, the delivery time has been getting longer and longer. MUA says that they reserve up to 5 business days for the packing of the order and then the shipping takes (according to Royal Mail) a max. of 7 business days – yet my first order came in a flash. The next one didn’t take very long either, it was about the expected time. Then, the third order went missing and my fourth order was shipped sometime last week… we’ll see if that one makes it here within a reasonable time. I hope so, because I love MUA products – but I’m starting to find their delivery times to be ridiculous!

Anyway, do you have a favorite palette? Why is that one your favorite?


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