Cuccio & Baehr – love at first application

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I went to an event on Women’s Day at my local hair and beauty salon. Since I can’t resist a good cosmetics bargain (especially since they are so rare in this country), I walked away with 30 euros worth of beauty products:

mccosmetic_haulThe owner of the McCosmetic salon, gave me a chance to try out one of their vanilla scented body scrubs and a milk and honey scented body butter which were sold at outlet prices in celebration of Women’s Day. I immediately fell in love with both products. The scent was absolutely heavenly – so delicious I wanted to just eat the scrub and the butter (so did my husband when I opened the first tub at home…)! I especially loved the vanilla scented scrub, so I decided to pick up both the vanilla scrub (in a large tub) as well as the vanilla body butter. I’ve never heard of the brand, Cuccio Naturalé, before, but I hope the salon keeps getting these products in the future as well. I did Google the brand and found out that it’s apparently a rather large brand used in salons worldwide. I was also super happy to see that they’ve also committed to never test anything on animals! That’s a winner in my book! The packaging looked rather cheap, but honestly, I’ve never been one for all the glitz and glam when it comes to the packaging of simple skincare products, so for me, the simple plastic tubs work out well.

Yesterday, I decided to try the Cuccio Naturalé Sugar Scrub on my body before showering. The texture of the scrub is very grainy (sugary) and your hands will feel a bit funny after having scrubbed yourself with the product. However, even though my skin has been quite dry and it can be sensitive, this didn’t irritate my skin at all. Still, I would use the product very gently on extremely dry/sensitive skin. As I was rinsing off the scrub I was having a hard time believing how incredibly soft my skin felt. It instantly felt moisturized as well, which wasn’t something that I was expecting. Scrubs that I’ve used in the past have most often ended up leaving my skin feel super clean, you know, like squeaky clean, but not particularly moisturized. After applying the luxuriously soft body butter after a shower, my skin felt better than it has ever felt – or at least as long as I can remember. The body butter absorbs very quickly, leaving the skin feeling moisturized and soft. You can very slightly feel the product on your skin, but you can definitely get dressed as quickly as you want to. The delicious scent will be lingering around you all day long… Mmmm….

In addition to the delicious scrub and butter, I also picked up the tweezers that were used on my eyebrows. They had a nice, black and white print and felt really good to hold, giving a nice, sturdy grip. As I tend to have to use tweezers daily (as dark eyebrows can be seen as soon as they pop up even slightly), I value good tweezers – especially ones that I can get at a bargain of 3 euros!

I also picked up a package of two beauty sponges (only 1 euro) which I use most often when removing masks from my face. A bit surprisingly, I also picked up some kind of a serum by DermoPro (never heard of) as it was also just a few euros and I don’t currently have a serum. This one is actually an anti-aging, firming, vitamin C serum, but I was told that as a short term treatment it could work on any age. Also, aren’t I supposed to be using anti-aging products now that I’m 30? ;)

I tested the DermoPro serum on Saturday night and found it to be quite pleasant. Its light-weight consistency didn’t irritate my skin and it absorbed very quickly. In the morning, my skin felt softer and somehow less shiny than it usually feels in the morning, which was a great feeling! I believe you can easily use this underneath your makeup as well, because it doesn’t seem to leave any kind of a film on the skin or anything like that.

The salon was currently selling some Baehr nail care products, such as nail files and polishes. The cool thing about the Baehr polishes is that they don’t contain any formaldehyde or toluene, yet the color is promised to last well on the nails. In the 3 euro bucket there were a few nail polishes, out of which this vibrant turquoise/mint green one really stood out. I don’t normally go for green or blue nail polishes, but especially during spring I feel a strongly drawn towards any shade of turquoise. I wasn’t honestly expecting much of this polish, being so cheap and by “some random German brand I had never heard of”, but I’m so glad I bought one to try! I regret I didn’t buy all the shades as this may seriously be the best nail polish I own, in terms of quality. I swear, it practically applied itself. The package feels a bit clunky, being a simple little bottle with a bit of an awkward plastic lid, but it’s what lies inside that counts! In this case, what lies inside is a lovely, creamy, shiny nail polish that goes on smoothly and flawlessly so easily that I didn’t end up getting it on my cuticles at all – and I’m really bad at applying nail polish! One coat was enough to give a perfect, opaque finish. Not the quickest to dry, but quick enough to not make me lose my mind. Perhaps you’ve seen those pictures on my Instagram?


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