Women’s Day Beauty Event

Yesterday, on Women’s Day, I went to this wonderful beauty event that took place practically next door from my home. A small salon, McCosmetic (website in Finnish only), had a Women’s Day event at which a ton of products were being sold at outlet prices (ranging from 1 to 9 euros) and some services were offered as well along with free coffee and tea with some snacks. I believe I also saw champagne. One of the services offered was eyebrow reshaping for a mere 1 euro – which was completely amazing. The extremely welcoming owner of the place, Martina C. Latvala, performs the beautician services at McCosmetic, so of course I wanted to see what she could do with my brows. I have never really had my brows shaped, though I have had them plucked by a professional a few times, especially when I was younger.

Martina told me that I naturally have a very good shape to my brows, but after her quick and painless waxing (my first ever!), plucking, and cutting (also my first ever!) my brows looked so well groomed and amazing that I think I’m going to be making this a monthly or bi-monthly treat for myself! I’m extremely pleased with the results.

I also had my hair done by the hairstylist that will be starting there in June. She did me a quick braided look which I wish I could do myself. Very fun and young as well as casual – yet special. I’m looking forward to June, when I can start using her hair salon services! I haven’t yet found a good, affordable salon in the city, so I’m hoping this will be it! As a bonus – it’s really close to my home. Below are a couple of quick cellphone snapshots of my brows and my braid – which made me realize I reaaally have to color my hair ASAP! (Hrrrr… the dirty blonde roots are peeking through…)

I have to also mention the gorgeous Siriuskoru (website in Finnish only) jewelry that was sold at the event – outlet prices, again. Extremely affordable pieces, though for some reason I didn’t pick up any despite drooling over them for at least 15 minutes…

Beautiful, right? I still can’t believe I didn’t pick up any… bracelets and necklaces were around 4-5 euros each – it would’ve been so easy to indulge… I may buy a piece later, even if it means having to buy it at the regular price. I think the reason as to why I chose not to get anything this time was because as much as I love beautiful, colorful stone and silver jewelry, I keep finding it hard to incorporate them into my daily outfits since my tops often have prints, sequins or something of the sort to distract the eye. With a plain black top any of these pieces would’ve been gorgeous though!

I have been making some jewelry of my own in the past (though these days I think everyone has), some of which I’ve quite liked and even worn at times, but I do find it hard to wear them on a daily basis. Hrmph!

I did however walk away with 30 euros worth of cosmetics… more on that later!


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