Sudden Fashion Crisis

Why am I suddenly craving for skirts, dresses, colorful everything, bold prints, pants that aren’t jeans and generally all things that I do not have in my closet? Have I been following too many fashion and beauty blogs with beautiful and stylish authors that can put on anything and make it look extremely appealing? I think the only thing I can make look appealing is a pair of fuzzy slippers…

I would know how to dress, but my body as it is, is a challenging one to dress. I’m disporpotioned in the sense that my upper half is 2-3 sizes smaller than my bottom half and my badonkadonk is the size of Russia. This is probably why I’ve always been really excited about purses – they can be worn all year round and always come in the right size!

Current Cravings

Above – some things I selected from the vast collections of Polyvore. I’m basically wanting everything that I don’t already have and I’m not entirely sure as to why. I’ve also been hit with a certain “let’s get healthier!” -feeling now, probably due to being sick most of the year so far.

I need to try to find some pieces that would suit my body as it is, but give me a bit of a style update none the less. Definitely some nice pants would be a good choice, something comfortable enough for sitting down all day at the office, yet something stylish enough that it’s appropriate. Now there’s a challenge for someone who exclusively wears jeans to anything one can wear jeans to…

What sort of items are you looking to get into your closet?


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