February Favorites, Part 3

Mixed FavoritesHere are my February’s mixed favorites – deodorant, nail polish, lip balm and hand cream. After using spray deodorants for a few months I settled for this Rexona stick deodorant, Clear Aqua Crystal Anti-Perspirant, Anti-Transpirant dry deo stick with 0% alcohol. Works well for my needs and the scent is a nice, clean and simple fresh scent, which I love. I haven’t noticed this staining my clothes either, so that’s a plus!

Sally Hansen nail polishes haven’t been in Finland for more than maybe 2-3 years now, give or take, and they are priced ridiculously high here, compared to what they were in USA, back when I got my first bottle. These babies cost around 15 euros here, but I still decided to get the Complete Salon Manicure range’s 110 Cleard for Takeoff to use as a base nail polish as well as a top coat if needed. Normally, I use Mavala’s quick drying top coat, which comes in an annoyingly small bottle… I really like this Sally Hansen’s nail polish however as the bottle is generously sized, the polish dries quickly and lasts a loooong time even as the only polish on my nails. Very nice!

The last two products both came from my LivBox subscription. There was a Carmex lip balm in the February’s box, but it was the basic one, where as this cherry flavored one I received in the fall – just never got around to using it as I’ve always hated cherry flavored things. However, I’m now hooked on this, cherry flavor and all, and I tend to reach for this even over my trusty tub of Vaseline… The SPF 15 may well be why.

The Neutrogena’s concentrated hand cream arrived at just the right time to rejuvenate my parched hands. At first, I was a bit hesitant to try this as I tend to hate really potent hand creams that take forever to dry. While this isn’t exactly the cream to slap on after each hand washing, or while trying to use your hands for something, it’s good for when you’ve got an hour or two to just sit and relax, watching TV. I often put this on at night, put on some cotton gloves and let the lotion work its magic while I sleep. Waking up with silky smooth hands every time!


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