February Favorites, Part 2

MakeupHere are my February makeup favorites. Granted that I have been a huge fan of the Lily Lolo Mineral makeup since last summer, I’ve wanted to try using a liquid foundation now and then. When I was doing my makeup overhaul/organizing I found this Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in shade 081 Fair Ivory, practically unused. I faintly recall buying it sometime last fall, perhaps, but I have no idea as to why it has remained unused as the color seems to fit me amazingly well for a liquid foundation.

The lipstick pictured is a Makeup Store lipstick in shade Raspberry and it’s a creme lipstick with a really nice feel to it. This is probably the most expensive lipstick I’ve bought, though I can’t even remember when I bought it. It was a shade recommended by me at the cosmetics counter and I did feel like it was a really nice red shade, Raspberry suggesting that it’s on the cooler side. To me, it feels like more of a neutral red, perhaps even a bit warm. Now, the thing about Makeup Store lipsticks is that they’re unscented. Which, unfortunately doesn’t really attract me when it comes to lipsticks, because unscented, to me, often smells a hint like… play-doh. However, after persistently choosing this shade over and over in the morning, I have begun to appreciate the smooth, creamy texture of the lipstick as well as the easy-to-wear red shade. Sudden favorite is born!

Last but not least in terms of makeup is my long-term favorite, L’Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighter Pen in the Light shade. I use this under my eyes (as I wear eyeglasses, I can definitely use a bit of illumination in the eye area) and recently I’ve also started to use this in the “creases” on my face, such as the outer corners of my lips. This is by no means a concealer, but since my skin is ridiculously pale, this doesn’t really provide me with much of an actual highlighting effect anyway, but it works well as toning down the shadows on my face.


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